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Why Have Mass Killers been Homosexuals?

Published Sep 18, 2005
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Well, it’s time for someone to say it, so I will: Homosexuals are dangerous people. My critics will say that homosexuals are no better or worse than other people; however, that is a fairy story! Homosexuals make up less than 3% of the American population yet they have perpetrated about 68% of all serial killings in the last 20 years! This does not mean that all homosexuals are killers, but we do need to know why the most infamous mass killers have practiced homosexuality.

This does not mean that all homosexuals are killers, but we do need to know why the most infamous mass killers have practiced homosexuality.

Studies have documented their rage and hatred. Often this hatred is toward family members and themselves. Dr. Charles Socarides, in his classic The Overt Homosexual documents that a major attribute of the overt homosexual is aggression–often repressed aggression. This is supported by psychology professor, Dr. Frank du Mas who says that homosexuals often are mass killers who also torture their victims indicating “a higher intensity of aggression.”

Two examples of a “higher intensity of aggression”:

*Ludwig Tiene was the executioner at Auschwitz, the Nazi prison camp, who was responsible for killing as many as 100 boys and young men per day! He “strangled, crushed, and gnawed” them to death while he raped them.

*Gilles de Rais lived in the 1400s and was a man or riches, rank, and reputation who fought alongside Joan of Arc. He was also a pervert and was executed after confessing to the killing and raping of about 200 children from six to 18.  He actually tortured, raped and killed many hundreds of boys (and some girls) after which they were cut apart and burned or eaten. This elegant pervert was devoutly religious (although he sacrificed to demons and made pacts with them), was brave in battle, loved music and was a fastidious dresser. At his trial he told the parents of his victims that he was their “brother in Christ.” Hundreds wept for him as he swung from a rope by his neck.

Detectives have told me that anytime there is a case where many bodies of boys or young men are discovered, the killer will always be a homosexual, and this is especially true is mutilation is involved. And his home will be full of pornography!

Let me remind you that seven of the most vicious mass murders in US history were done by seven homosexual rapists:

*Patrick Kearney raped and killed 32 boys, dismembered them and left them in trash bags along California highways.

*Chicago contractor, John Wayne Gacy, raped and killed 33 boys then buried them under his porch and in his yard.

*The infamous Jeffrey Dahmer of Milwaukee who admitted killing 17 boys. After sex, he killed them, dismembered their bodies, boiled their heads and ate some of their organs. In one case, he killed a young man then had anal sex with the body!
*Homosexual Henry Lucas claimed that he killed 350.

*Donald Harvey claimed 37 victims in Kentucky.

*Bruce Davis molested and killed 27 young men and boys in Illinois

*Juan Corona was convicted of murdering 25 migrant workers after which he “made love” with their corpses.

Now you know why they are called, “perverts.”

All seven cases involved premeditated homosexual rape, mutilation or dismemberment and finally, murder. In each case there were about 30 victims—boys or young men. Dahmer “only” had 17 victims that are known. Older men were never the victims!

In a paper presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association in Chicago by Dr. Paul Cameron in 1983, he documented that of 518 sexually-tinged mass murders in the U.S. from 1966 to 1983, 68% of the victims were killed by homosexuals! And remember that they only make up less than 3% of the total population.

The top U.S. male serial killers were all homosexuals according to Dr. Cameron and other researchers. Yes, as a group, homosexuals are very dangerous people. They are dangerous because they are disturbed, distressed and often diseased. They need help and help is spelled, C H R I S T.

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John Matey
Oct 16, 2008 9:34pm [ 1 ]

First, thank you for your home-schooling program. We started out getting our materials from you; however, all four kids graduated from Landmark Christian School in Haines City, Fl. Now I have three preachers and a preacher’s wife. I appreciate your web-site. It is new to me, but I like it already. I am a pastor of a Baptist Church. When we had Initiative 13 in Seattle, I organized the pastors to fight against Initiative 13. Now I am trying to organize the pastors in Florida to stand against liberals and RINO’s. Thank you again for your web-site. Pastor John J Matey

Leslie Powers
Mar 7, 2010 1:30am [ 2 ]

Gods Grace and Peace. Your information is of very great help. God do bless.

Mar 8, 2010 11:22am [ 3 ]

Gods Grace and Peace. This is very helpful information, I’ve seen documentaries on this subject of serial killers, of course I’ve disagreed with them since they get there analysis from psychologist which if I were to take what they say on face value I would believe these killers did what they did because of a bump in the head,yet not one of the psychologist not once never profiled not one doctor who performs a abortion on a daily basis.

Patrick Nolan
Jul 31, 2010 7:52pm [ 4 ]

WOW! I am at a loss for words. We need to know this stuff, but it won’t help me sleep at night. How disturbing no one on TV has said a word of this, but that is not unexpected - they glorify the homosexual. How sad. The word needs to be spread.

Thank you

Sep 24, 2010 12:10am [ 5 ]

Your facts will likely disturb those in the homosexual “community” but as a man who was raped by homosexuals multiple times when I was a child, I can assure you that there is a strong pedophilic component in that community and that parents are wise to keep such people away from their children.

May 14, 2019 5:13pm [ 6 ]

As someone who disagrees with your premise I can tell you that a large majority of homosexuals were molested and raped as children. And a large majority of those who participate in this are leaders in churches and other institutions. These are groups where parents trust those in leadership with their children. My friend who worked with drug addicts in recovery said that 100% of the girls she worked with had been molested or raped as children She believed the number to be similar among males, but they were less likely to admit to it. Serial killers have generally been abused.

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