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The God-Haters: Angry Atheists, Shallow Scholars, Silly Scientists, Pagan Preachers, and Embattled Evolutionists Declare War on Christians!
The God-Haters Angry Atheists, Shallow Scholars, Silly Scientists, Pagan Preachers, and Embattled Evolutionists are, of necessity, attacking the Bible for if they can denounce, deny, distort, and denigrate it, they will win more converts to atheism. They have been waging this war for a few years and most of us have ignored their books, television interviews, and university debates because they have just been more of the typical dog and pony shows that the most fanatical God haters have created for centuries. They want a fight, and while I consider atheists to be unimpressive fools, I’m willing to take them on. No quarter asked or given. 304 pages



Islam: America’s Trojan Horse!
New Edition: over 300 pages, expanded and updated. A shocking, timely book dealing with the most important issue of our time—Islam and terror. Dr. Harold Willmington of Liberty University said: “In my opinion this is the most concise, yet complete overview of the evils of the Muslim faith in print today. It is a book that must be read by every American.”



Evolution: Fact, Fraud, or Faith?
A book that answers questions that evolutionists can’t answer!

Dr. Duane Gish, famous creation scientists said in the book’s foreword: “If you appreciate a hard-hitting attack on the religion of evolution dressed up in scientific clothes, you will enjoy this book in which Dr. Boys documents the fact that the emperor has no clothes at all.”



AIDS: Silent Killer!
The author takes on the politicians, the medical establishment, and the homosexual lobby and takes positions that were ridiculed when the book was published since it was not politically correct. Some of his recommendations have since been accepted by the same crowd that ridiculed him! Had the author’s recommendations been accepted in the early days of the plague, hundreds of thousands of people could have been saved.



Is God a Right-Winger?
This book is one of the most controversial books you will ever read. Boys, in 18 hard-hitting chapters, deals with the hottest issues facing Americans today.

Where do you stand on some of the most controversial issues? This book will help you decide. Pungent! Persuasive! Provocative!



Pilgrims, Puritans & Patriots
Our Christian Heritage: This book was the basis for the author’s Ph.D. dissertation and basically deals with colonial history.

One leading American editor said of this book: “The amount of information in this book that is not in a typical history book is astounding.”



Liberalism: A Rope of Sand
The author faced in the Indiana House of Representatives many social and moral issues dealt with in this book.

This book is likely to produce one of two reactions: either you will love it or you will hurl it to the floor and kick it! Either way, this book will make your adrenaline flow, your brain hum and your blood boil.”



Boys’ Big Book of Humor
This book of humor contains 221 pages of fun without a dirty joke or sexual innuendo! It is filled with leg-slapping jokes, groan-producing puns, piercing one-liners, tombstone humor and much more. It will help make your day a little brighter. I guarantee that there are many you have never heard before.



Christian Resistance

An Idea Whose Time Has Come—Again!: In this book the author calls Christians to responsible militancy giving some guidelines how Christians should react when the laws of man conflict with the Bible.

Vital for today!



Your Health: How to Feel Better, Look Younger, Live Longer!
This book could save your life! The author has put into print what practices he has followed most of his life. It has changed and improved many lives!


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