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Should Perverts Go to Jail? Part 2

Published Oct 11, 2005
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Liberals tell us that first of all, homosexuals should not be called “perverts” and no, they should not go to jail. The liberals, as usual, are wrong on both counts.

Pervert is a very good word and clearly identifies those who practice perversion. It is not a matter of hating them; it is a matter of using correct terms.

And yes, they should go to jail as any other criminal should after a fair trial. Need I remind you that in the Old Testament they were put to death?

Liberals tell us that we should not be too hard on those who disagree with us. After all, there are two sides to every question. Well, the homosexual doesn’t only disagree with me; he is disagreeing with and disobeying a holy God!

Yes, there are two sides to this question: the right side and the wrong side. And I surely don’t want to be on the wrong side of God.

Liberals tell us that the right answer is whatever works best for the individual and that which the individual feels most comfortable with, but that kind of fuzzy thinking could earn eventual sainthood for Hitler, Stalin and Co. The decisions they made worked well—for them.

God knew we needed some absolutes so He gave Moses the Ten Commandments as divine imperatives. They were not given as topics for group discussion, modification, or rejection. They are commandments that man breaks at his peril.

Jesus Christ endorsed the Ten Commandments, and He delivered the Sermon on the Mount in exactly the same way: as divine rules for human conduct. But liberals have tried to repeal the Ten Commandments and the teaching of Christ because they interfere with their personal lives.

I have been called a “bigot” and “hater” hundreds of times when the fact is I’m a lover. I love everybody. However, there are some people I don’t like and there are many people whose actions I don’t like. And what’s wrong with that?

Non-thinking liberals believe that just because they make an accusation, it becomes true. Now that’s not only queer thinking, it is stupid thinking. Homosexuals tell me I should be tolerant of their perversion but they refuse to be tolerant of my religious beliefs! Now that is also stupid thinking. Maybe masturbation doesn’t rot the brain but sodomy does!

I’m told that many great, creative men have been and are homosexuals, but so what? Many creative men have beaten their wives, been drunks and have committed suicide. The only thing it proves is that creative men don’t know the difference between right and wrong; or, if they do know the difference, they choose the wrong.

Homosexuals have been lying about the number of perverts for fifty years, but now the kitty is out of the bag. Every informed person knows that they have been lying. The percent of homosexuals in the US is not 10 or 12% but 1 to 3%!

I have been pointing that out on television and radio talk shows for more than twenty-five years, and  in the last few years, it has been firmly established. But the percent or numbers of homosexuals is irrelevant in the discussion of right and wrong, and in the matter of whether or not they should go to jail. Morality is not decided by a majority vote. God has already spoken, and they can chatter on and on about how many perverts there are but that changes nothing.

Homosexuals want the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval upon their sexual activities, but they will never get it as long as I have a vote. And if I had my way aggressive homosexuals would be in jail!

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