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Should Perverts Go to Jail? Part 1

Published Aug 5, 2005
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There is nothing gay with the homosexual way! Perversion is not normal, acceptable behavior. God created male and female and everyone knows how they are supposed to interact. Any deviation is a threat to civilization.

Whoever first called homosexuals “gay” had a twisted sense of humor.

Whoever first called homosexuals “gay” had a twisted sense of humor. Homosexuals like to present themselves as carefree, happy, and glamorous, but surely informed people know the stark facts: Fifty percent of suicides and homicides in large cities can be attributed to homosexuals. Half of the cases of syphilis in large cities can be traced to sodomites. And everyone knows that the vicious, deadly AIDS plague was spread mainly by the homosexual community. It is also a fact that the homosexual’s life expectancy is 45 while the average American male lives past 75! And it’s the gay life?

Dr. Daniel Cappon, a psychiatrist, said that “homosexuality by definition is not healthy or wholesome…the homosexual person, at best, will be unhappier and more unfulfilled than the sexually normal person. There are emotional and physical consequences to this protracted state of mental dissatisfaction.

“At worst, the homosexual person will die younger and suffer emotional, mental, and physical illness more often than the normal person. The natural history of the homosexual person seems to be one of frigidity, impotence, broken personal relationships, psychosomatic disorders, alcoholism, paranoid psychosis and suicide….” How could any sane, honest person call   them   gay   with   that   prognosis?
At first glance the most effective argument in defense of homosexuals is at second glance the least supportable. We are told that homosexuality is inherited like small ears, blue eyes or a small nose. We are not expected to laugh when we hear this fairy tale.

Freud, Kinsey, and Skinner, experts on human behavior, believed homosexuality to be a behavior problem. An article in the Journal of American Medicine says that homosexuality is not “innate or inborn” but an acquired or learned process.

Ted Evans is a psychology fellow with the Neuro Psychiatric Institute of UCLA. He said in an article in the Journal of Psychology and Theology that there is no evidence whatever of genetic or hormonal causes for homosexuality. He said that it is a socially learned process, and we know that what has been learned can be unlearned.

While homosexuals talk incessantly about “being born that way,” there is no unbiased scientific evidence to suggest that possibility. In fact, not one medical university or one medical journal in the U.S. has made that assertion.

Drs. Parsons and Bynes writing in the Archives of General Psychiatry (March, 1993) reported, “There is no evidence…to substantiate a biologic theory of sexual orientation.”

Even if a genetic connection to perversion could be established, that would not justify the practice of homosexuality or any other perversion. If a person has a natural affinity for booze, drugs, tobacco that would not give him a “free ride” away from personal responsibility. We all must be held accountable for our actions even if a gene were found that might be the “cause” of our addiction.

Sodomy is not an illness nor are “they born that way.” It is a sin and should be a crime in every state. And it should be a crime that is enforced without knocking down bedroom doors!

Past civilizations were not wrong in punishing sodomites. I refuse to believe that our forefathers did not know the difference between right and wrong.

People with bleating hearts and soft heads tell us that it is impossible to legislate morality, but that is a silly, untrue statement. We legislate morality all the time even though all people do not obey those laws.

Even if we agree that morality cannot be legislated, surely we can agree that immorality should not legislated! The state should never make something legally right that is morally wrong. Homosexuals want the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval on their nefarious activities and they get it when states decriminalize sodomy.

Sin will always be with us. Laws will not eliminate it, but strong laws fairly enforced will keep many people from a life of misery and hopelessness.

Honest citizens should have some rights and one right is the right to live without stumbling across immorality at every bend of the road. At least sin can be driven underground (or back into the closet). We have a right to walk the streets without being accosted by pimps, perverts, and prostitutes.

After thousands of years of civilization we have a right to expect a minimum of morality and have laws that seek to guarantee our protection. But liberals, some of them preachers, see nothing wrong with the prevailing “anything goes” atmosphere. They have demoted Christian values from the center of life to the rank of a mere competitor. And, preachers who have no moral values are as useless and unnecessary as accountants who cannot add. Such preachers have tried to turn Jesus Christ into an ethical example, a kind of ideal Boy Scout helping little old ladies across the Sea of Galilee.

Put perverts in jail for everyone’s sake.

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Feb 3, 2010 10:45am [ 1 ]

so your saying that its wrong to be gay because god didnt make men and woman that way? its wrong for a guy to love a guy and a girl to love a girl? I believe you love whom ever you love no matter what sex they are so to me being homosexual is acceptabe at least thats how i was raised to believe its fine to be gay

Sep 28, 2010 3:07pm [ 2 ]

If God made some people gay, then why would He condemn homosexuality throughout His Word (e.g. Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10)? Specifically, Romans 1 tells us about the consequences of living the gay lifestyle. Also, if it was God’s intention to make some people gay, then why didn’t He put two men or two women in the Garden of Eden, instead of one man and one woman?

Also, I’ve had people tell me, when I challenge them to look up Scriptures that refute homosexuality, that they believe the Bible is “outdated”. This is nothing more than avoiding accountability (in this case, being wrong about God making some people gay). Where is the proof? Even the people who did the “scientific” studies admitted that their own research was inconclusive! Alfred Kinsey was even quoted as saying, “I have myself come to the conclusion that homosexuality is largely a matter of conditioning.” This coming from the man who is largely responsible for the leniency given to sex offenders in the United States of America.

As far as gay people themselves are concerned, I love THEM, but hate their SIN. I know several people who are gay. They know where I stand, and I know where they stand. I don’t “beat them over the head with my Bible” or judge them unfairly, and, as far as I know, they don’t view me as being a “holier than thou” Christian, who judges people unfairly. Jesus Christ never spread His message by force; He gave people the choice to either believe or disbelieve in Him and what He taught. By the way, He STILL gives people a choice, as the Word of God clearly states that Jesus Christ does not change (Hebrews 13:8).

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