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Do Homosexuals Prey on Others?

Published Aug 19, 2005
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Give a homosexual five minutes and he will assure you that homosexuals do not prey on others, and if he will lie about that, he will lie about other things also!

Over a three year period, my wife and I did a national survey of fundamental Christians during our Christian Couples’ Conferences asking very personal and anonymous questions. The results were astounding, and reinforced some of the classic studies done by experts over the past years.

Formal, scientific studies confirm that homosexuals do prey on others and often “others” are children. We know that 49% of adult homosexuals were seduced into perversion by age 14!

We discovered that there were 22 cases of child sexual abuse, lasting as long as 8 years, out of 297 men in our study. Fifteen of the abusers were men, four were women and the gender of 3 was unknown to us. Three abusers were professing Christians. Eleven of the abusers were relatives of the abused consisting of two uncles, two cousins, one mother, one sister, two brothers, two fathers and one step-grandfather. What a list of slimeballs!

Other slimeballs included a Catholic priest, a baby sitter, 3 neighbors, a fellow worker, a friend’s brother, a mother’s live-in lover, a family friend, a school mate and a teacher.

It’s interesting that 18 of the 22 victims did not inform on the abuser! All should have done so; however, we must remember that most abusers were adults who often threaten their victims.

Some lessons to be learned: Know whom your kids are with. Without making them paranoid, tell them it is all right, even desirable to tell on an adult if he or she touches them inappropriately. Let kids know that they will be believed and it is not their fault.

In adulthood, sexually abused victims should face their tormentors (when possible) then forgive him or her. Of course, the abuser should repent and get right with God. Serious consideration should be given to reporting the abuser if not to legal authorities, then at least to church leaders, wives, etc., especially if there is a probability of others being abused.

Usually if it gets into the legal system, it is his word against yours and the more time that passes the less likely the abuser will go to the slammer.

At a minimum, a victim should let his or her spouse know of that horrendous childhood experience since most abused children carry baggage into adulthood and marriage. Even though the sexual abuse can affect the marriage, it is not impossible to overcome. An understanding spouse will be the best antidote for that problem.

Married couples have enough problems getting adjusted and early traumatic sexual abuse should not lie there to fester. Lance it like a boil, and be done with it. Then work for a normal, happy, exciting,  Christian marriage.

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