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Threats to Your Life And Health! Part 1

Published Oct 22, 2005
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God wants us to prosper and be in good health, but being a Christian does not guarantee that for our lives. II John 2 is very clear as to God’s desire: “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” How about that? One thing is sure: You and I want to prosper and be in good health. Right? So this article should be very interesting and helpful to you. In fact, it could save your life!

We normally consider threats to our health and life to be viruses, some bacteria, accidents, criminals, tobacco, booze, fat, etc., but some of the most dangerous threats come from the medical-pharmaceutical complex. Now, don’t turn me off and trash this article. Sure, great strides have been made by dedicated people in those fields. Transplants are a good example of incredible improvements in prolonging life and increasing the quality of life of many ill people. Also many high tech diagnostic tools are invaluable to ascertain the cause of sickness. (A dedicated Christian invented the MRI.)

Having said all that—since it is correct—let me shock you with some incredible information that could change your life and even save your life.

We have made little progress in cancer and heart treatment in the last thirty years. One million Americans die annually of heart problems, and half a million die each year of cancer!  Diabetes has tripled in the last thirty years, and one half of all Americans are considered medically obese—a five letter word for fat! Obviously we are doing some bad things for our health.

What’s going on in hospitals, physicians’ offices, clinics, etc.? Much is going on that should not be happening. There are many incompetents out there with impressive degrees, certifications and licenses hanging on their walls, but remember that no license can guarantee quality. No kind of board certification can guarantee honesty. No one can guarantee a sober physician!

Two hundred years ago, physicians bled patients to get rid of what was considered bad blood. George Washington survived Indian attacks, the French-Indian War, the American War of Independence and the U.S. Presidency, but not the medical establishment! All right, so that is a little unfair and hyperbolic—but not by much!      Many physicians are as dangerous as Bonny and Clyde! And it is significant that they always wear masks when they operate—Bonny and Clyde and your physician! Some are incompetent, others are careless and others are on drugs and booze.

Many angioplasties are done by cardiologists yet they don’t need any special training or certification! And Duke University Medical Center found in a study of 1129 patients that more than half of the cardiologists performing balloon angioplasty in the U.S. don’t meet minimum standards!

Don’t assume anything. Assumptions can kill. Ask questions; after all, at these prices, you deserve some answers. Choose your physician, surgeon, pharmacist, hospital, etc., very carefully. Take charge of your life.

Be aware that medicine is not altogether altruistic. It is a business that must make a profit—not a dirty word. They usually make a very good profit. (Don’t ever pay or permit an insurance company to pay a medical bill without checking every item.) So the medical field must “sell” their services to us, and too often they are better salesmen than they are healers!

The Bible teaches that we are to be in good health, but that is no guarantee that all Christians will always be without sickness! God expects us to follow Bible principles and use common sense in caring for our bodies that are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. It is time to make major changes in our lives to eliminate threats to our health.   In this series of articles, I will provide some of the most important information I have ever written. I want to emphasize again that it could save your life.


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