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My Best Health Decisions

Published Feb 23, 2007
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Often people ask me what I do to maintain good health, and I never have time to go into detail. Today, I will at least provide the general outline of my decisions. None was planned, by the way, and it happened over many years.

I stopped eating pork, white bread, most desserts, and drinking colas more than 35 years ago. I have never used tobacco or alcohol, drunk a cup of coffee or tea in my life, so those have not been an issue. I do take vitamins.

Many years ago I started eating twice a day so that cut down greatly on my food consumption. I eat an average breakfast, no lunch and what I want for dinner.

Almost each day I have dates, figs, nuts, honey or maple syrup that I consider treats. In fact, I don’t consider my diet at all odious; however, I am always ready to eat by 5:00 p.m. since I haven’t eaten since breakfast except an apple, grapes, or pear.


I eat various fruits almost every day and plenty of fresh vegetables. Most of the vegetables are grown in our garden: potatoes, onions, beans, corn, lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and sweet potatoes (something I have just learned to enjoy).

I can not emphasize too strongly that your food should be home grown, if possible. I would dig up my back yard to have a garden, not to save money, but for the nutrition and the fantastic taste! Most city folk have no idea what fresh vegetables, harvested that day, taste like.

We also make a habit of reading all labels on anything that goes into our bodies. You will never convince me that God planned for the human body to consume all the additives, dyes, preservatives, etc. We try to stay away from packaged food and fried food as much as possible.

It is impossible to have good health without daily exercise. This has been my biggest problem, but in recent years I have beaten it. I lift weights as I did at 20 years of age and I use a climber to strengthen my heart. In 2005 we started working out in a gym with a personal trainer (who happens to be a neighbor).

The body must have nutritious food, but it must also have clean water and for years we have been drinking distilled water. The water from your faucet is almost sure to be polluted. You can purchase a good distiller for under $200.00 and will be one of the best investments you will ever make. Maybe you could sell your television set to get the money!

Then there is sleep. No matter what a person says, he will function better if he sleeps at least seven hours per night. I need eight as most men do. Some experts tell us that women can get by with an hour less than men.

My only complaint is a weak knee from an old football injury, but that is improving with supplements and exercise. It has been more than 35 years since I have had a headache, and haven’t had an illness that required a physician in my adult life.

I plan to live to be very active until age 100!


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