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Is Chelation the Answer? Part 2

Published Apr 22, 2007
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More than 400,000 patients have received over four million chelation treatments over the past 30 years and not one death has been a direct result when properly administered by trained physicians. In fact, the American College for Advancement In Medicine reveals, “Every single study of the use of chelation therapy for atherosclerosis which has ever been published, without exception, has described an improvement in blood flow and symptoms.”

Not one death! How many people die each year from aspirin and other approved drugs? Chelation therapy consists of 30 to 40 IV treatments in a physician’s office at a cost of about $4,000.00 for the total treatments. (Costs will vary across the nation.) I have interviewed patients who were facing amputation of both legs but after chelation treatments, they are walking four miles per day, cutting firewood, etc. Some patients tell of cold feet, blackened from lack of circulation, turning warm and white after a few treatments!

Some patients experience side effects such as vein irritation, headache, mild pain or fatigue and occasionally a mild fever, but these side effects are easily controlled by adjusting the treatments.

Physician William Douglas, M.D., wrote, “If chelation therapy were to become an accepted therapy for all heart and circulation problems, then by-pass surgery, angioplasty, amputation, and a number of other surgeries would be virtually obsolete—putting the surgeons out of business.” Could that be a motive for some physicians refusing to investigate chelation?  It could be while others swallow every critical statement from the AMA.

My mother-in-law had a leg amputated and was told the other one had to be removed, but we got her to a physician specializing in chelation and she kept her leg and came back from her death bed! Her heart specialist, whom she refused to see again, berated her for getting chelation therapy!  Am I being unkind to suggest that her second leg represented a first class trip to Europe for her surgeon? Maybe.

We must be fair with some medical personnel. There are a bunch of quacks out there (well, yes even in establishment medical groups) and many people have been harmed, even killed by incompetents (well, yes even in the medical groups) but physicians should be careful what they recommend to their patients. Their first thought should be and is in most cases: Do the patient no harm.

Honest physicians work long hours and are often very dedicated people who deserve their good incomes, but they must take time to investigate for themselves alternatives to surgery and deadly drugs. Even the National Institute of Health is now doing this!  Individual doctors must not depend on NIH to do their research, and the public must not depend on any health professional. We must take charge of our own health. 

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