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Are You Using Sweet Poison? Part 2

Published Dec 22, 2006
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Yes, it tastes good, but it is poison. I am referring to aspartame but you know it as Equal, UltraSweet or Spoonful. Whatever you call it, it will kill you!
The full story of aspartame’s FDA approval is appalling, outrageous, and criminal! Yet this sweetener is used in more than 90 countries in soft drinks, candy, baked goods, etc. Every item containing it should have skull and crossbones on the label.
In a recent issue of his newsletter, Dr. William Douglas compares it to fluoride and mercury and speaks of “mass poisoning of the world.”
People are being poisoned while drinking soft drinks containing aspartame and coming down with various illness. Many people with MS often totally revert to normal after being taken off aspartame!
Dr. Douglas (and other health officials) said that the poison causes brain tumors and Dr. H. J. Roberts says, “Consuming aspartame at the time of conception can cause birth defects.” He also is convinced that aspartame “is escalating Alzheimer’s Disease.”
But how did it get FDA approval if it is so dangerous, you ask. Well, the facts are astounding.
The G.D. Searle Company sought the approval of aspartame from the FDA and the road to approval was paved with lies, distortions, vacillations, foot-dragging, flawed experiments, incompetence, etc., but they got their approval!
The FDA’s Task Force produced a report of 500 pages plus 15,000 pages of exhibits dealing with aspartame. The report admits the “Failure to report to the FDA all internal tumors present in the experimental rats….”
Furthermore “Instead of performing autopsies on rhesus monkeys that suffered seizures after being fed aspartame, the [Searle] company had financed a new monkey seizure study with a different methodology that showed no problems.”
It gets worse: “Animals which had died were sometimes recorded as being alive and vica [sic] versa.” That’s science?
Dr. Andrian Gross admitted that the company  “lied and didn’t submit the real nature of their observations….”
The Task Force Team Leader, Phillip Brodsky stated that he had “never seen anything as bad as G.D. Searle’s studies.”
The FDA Commissioner, Alexander Schmidt stated that Searle’s studies were “…incredibly sloppy science. What we discovered was reprehensible.”
Dr. Marvin Legator was asked to review the studies (that were seeking approval of aspartame) by Common Cause Magazine, and he didn’t mince words: “[All tests were] scientifically irresponsible [and] disgraceful. I’m just shocked that that kind of sloppy [work] would even be sent to FDA, and that the FDA administrators accepted it.” Me too.
After many years of dishonest, disgraceful, and disreputable studies; after the shameful moving of warm bodies from the FDA to the Searle company  and after the hiring of former Republican Congressman Donald Rumsfeld (now Bush’s Secretary of Defense) as Searle president, the FDA approved aspartame!
In 1981, Rumsfeld admitted that  he “would call in all his markers and that no matter what, he would see to it that aspartame would be approved that year.” It was approved that year for use in dry goods and for carbonated beverages in 1983.
In 1987, 17,100,000 pounds of aspartame were consumed in the U.S. alone, and we have seen an incredible increase in various diseases that  have been traced back to  aspartame.
Don’t use poison! Read labels!


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