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Pork is Not A Health Food!

Published May 21, 2005
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Our foods are loaded with numerous chemicals. We eat five  pounds of chemical additives each year! There are 4,400 additives and preservatives used in the U. S., but the most any other nation uses is 14! Consumers should read all labels, and not buy anything with ingredients  that can’t be pronounced!

Even when we eat fruits and vegetables, they are not as nutritious as they used to be because of pesticides used and because of overworked soil. Corn is dropping in food value each year. The average vegetable has one fourth the nutrition it had in 1930, however the American Medical Society still tells us that a vegetable diet could eliminate  90% of heart attacks!

We also destroy enzymes in our  food by cooking it. We should eat as much raw food as possible. If cooked, it should be steamed, never fried. Those “happy meals” can kill you!

Now, what about meat? Let me remind you that Israel lusted after flesh in the wilderness. Also, God gave Israel instructions that they were not  to  eat  pork,  shrimp,   lobster,  catfish,  etc.

God told them in Leviticus 3:17 not to eat fat or blood, yet we each eat 120 pounds of fat each year! Most of the diseases that we get from animals, come from their blood. Animals aren’t killed correctly—on purpose. The more blood that stays in an animal, the more money it brings because of  increased weight.

I haven’t eaten pork of any kind in 35 years, not for religious reasons but for health reasons. According to Dr. Manley—an animal disease expert with the U.S. Government, one in three persons in the U. S. are infected with trichinosis that is found in pork.  One thing is sure: pork is not health food!

A ham was boiled for twelve hours yet still had live trichinosis! Trichinosis can be a killer, make you tired, produce terrible pain, and produce other dangerous problems.

Jesus, who never wasted anything, cast demons into 2,000 hogs that then ran into the sea killing themselves. That’s the only good thing hogs have done for mankind!

There is a problem with beef as with pork: the fat and blood. Cattle are also fed estrogen hormones to make them grow faster and larger.  I don’t want  any estrogen hormones from animals! There also a problem of mad cow disease.

Our diets are killing us. Dr. Witaker did 120 autopsies on American soldiers in Vietnam and all of them had hardening of the arteries! He also did almost 120 autopsies on Vietnamese soldiers and none had hardening of arteries. Of course, they ate rice, fish, etc., and walked or bicycled instead of riding in cars.

When we eat, we should relax and eat slowly. We should never fret, fuss, or fight before  (or after) a meal. People who are happy, contented, and positive have less cancer than tense, withdrawn, and unhappy people.

We would be healthier and happier if we fasted from time to time. Jesus said, “When you fast….” Fasting eliminates poisons from the body. Of course, a physician should be consulted before a fast. Then a fast should be ended with juice, melon or soup. Fasting can  help us live to be a hundred!


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