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Is School Accredition Good or Bad? Part 1

Published Sep 17, 2005
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Why would Christian schools seek to emulate the public school failure by seeking accreditation or certification? Usually, they don’t. It is forced upon them by the state, and the state is pushed by the fanatics of the National Educators Association. Christian School officials should resist the attempt to control their schools through any kind of licensure or accreditation.

Many public school officials testified that after receiving the coveted stamp of approval, they had no contact of any kind with the accrediting agency! No reports, no phone calls, no inspections, no contact of any kind!

One of the television networks produced a documentary on accreditation in public education and proved the farce of the whole system. Many public school officials testified that after receiving the coveted stamp of approval, they had no contact of any kind with the accrediting agency! No reports, no phone calls, no inspections, no contact of any kind! The program proved once again that accreditation is nothing more than an organizational seal of approval. It is meaningless yet useful. It helps schools con uninformed parents into believing that their children are being educated. It helps perpetuate the prevailing philosophy in public education today that a “recognized” diploma is preferable to knowledge.

I am convinced that public educators who demand regulatory legislation are not motivated by concern for students but by control. For public educators to try to approve Christian schools is as asinine as the Little League trying to accredit the Major Leagues in baseball! Such legislation is an undisguised power grab by the officials of the Department of Education who have plenty to do in solving their own problems. I suggest public educators clean up their own house before they try to clean our house. They can keep busy by:
(1) Cleaning out the incompetent teachers from public schools, and giving merit pay to deserving teachers.

(2) Teaching all students to read by the end of the first grade (while almost all Christian schools teach kids to read by the end of Kindergarten).

(3) Testing all new teachers and present teachers for minimum ability. 

(4) Guaranteeing that all high school graduates can function in a competitive society.

(5) Teaching students that it is always wrong to lie, fornicate, steal, and murder. Teaching them to respect their parents, the law, and all authorities. Teaching them to be kind, gentle, gracious, honest, punctual, fair, industrious, and true to their commitments.

(6) Removing inaccurate textbooks and books that ridicule parental authority, patriotism, free enterprise, and love for God.

(7) Removing every vestige of the religion of humanism that can be found in every textbook in the state. After all, if it is illegal for Christianity to be favorably presented in public schools (Ignorance Factories), then any sane and honest person will agree that secular humanism is also illegal. After all, secular humanism is a usurper and a Johnny-come-lately in the field of religion. It is an on-rushing band wagon that atheists have jumped on in recent years to give them some legitimacy.  Pompous public educators want to wear the robes of prophets and priests and peddle to our students the same bogus humanism that was peddled to them in the teachers’ academy.

(8) Solving the massive drug problem in every public school in America. Aggressively pursue all pushers and users whether they are pupils, teachers, administrators, or outsiders. Fire or remove them and demand prosecution. Use dogs or any other devise to locate drugs including locker searches. Stop playing the Let’s-Pretend-to-Fight-Drugs game and get serious.

After the public schools have been cleaned up then we will discuss whether or not Christian school accreditation is constitutional.

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Scott R. Harrington
May 27, 2008 9:39pm [ 1 ]

Dear Dr. Boys, I believe in the separation of School and State. Maybe the Dept. of Education will never be eliminated, but, even so, it is not necessarily dangerous for thinking Christians to keep their children away from public schools. Nor is it necessarily going to happen that people without children will never have to pay taxes to support failing public education. Even so, I generally like what I have heard from people like Sheldon Richman, I believe his name was, unless I have forgotten it. He wrote a book (I think it was available from Laissez Faire books, a libertarian-conservative book service informally or formally associated with the works of the objectionable “Objectivist” Ayn Rand (I reject her philosophy), but other than that, it had some good books for sale, I think. Take care. I think Richman’s book was called “Separating School and State”. Sincerely, Scott R. Harrington, B.A. (1990, Gannon University)

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