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I Support Publik EduKation!

Published Jul 22, 2005
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Yes, I suport publik edgekation especially for those who don’t want to learn; however, I would cut off all federal and state funds to public schools and require each local area to pay the bills. That would force some changes.

The National Education Association has taken the public schools hostage and has helped “produce a nation at risk.” The NEA leaders are constantly demanding more and more revenue to produce less and less results. Since the NEA has taken control they have produced mini-nuthouses.

Are the schools better off now than they were ten or twenty years ago? They should be since the “professionals” at the NEA have shot their way into power with the acquiescence of gutless, uninformed politicians.

Are the schools better since the teachers have become illegal strikers? Are kids reading better than twenty and thirty years ago? They should be since most of the teachers have advanced degrees, but is it possible that many of them have credentials without character and tenure without training? I think so.

Are the schools safer? Are they cleaner? Is the use of drugs going down? Has sex education eliminated or even slowed down the abortions, teenage pregnancies, and venereal disease?

While kids aren’t learning scholarship, they sure learn sex. A California high school world history class “turned into a complete course in copulation within three weeks” according to the San Francisco Chronicle. That school only did what Lester Kirkendall, who wrote “Group Sex Orgies,”; “Can Humans Breed with Animals?”; and the “Sex Life of a Dwarf” advised schools to do: Lester told the schools to “just sneak it in.” “It” was sex. And so they have.

I would never put my children in a public school even one with a Christian principal and Christian teachers. We get one chance to educate our children and the public schools are not the place.

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