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Stop Pretending to Fight the War on Terror!

Published Apr 22, 2005
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While I do not profess to be a prophet, I am willing to ask questions and declare sound warnings that others are not doing. Fact: Every responsible official knows that more terror is coming. I predict that within days some American cities will be rubble with thousands of people dead and dying. Al Qaeda could ram their bomb-laden ships (they have at least 15) into the ports of our major cities. Nuclear devices (we know they have them) could be exploded in downtown areas killing massive numbers of people. Body bombers could explode at major locations, even in small towns so every American would be terrorized. Police officers have targets on their cars and might be attacked with grenade launchers and shoulder-fired missiles as they patrol the streets.

U.S. passenger planes will probably be shot out of the sky destroying the travel industry for many years. Major politicians might be assassinated. Some of the high profile churches may be bombed, since every cross reminds the fanatics of the Crusades. (Our chickens from medieval Europe would finally come home to roost!) Needless to say, the stock market would plummet in a free-fall totally bankrupting the U.S. economy. I see a depression lasting ten to twenty years with incredible suffering. This would change the world as we know it!

I do not claim inspiration, or insider information, but I do claim some insight. I have studied the Koran and Hadith for years, have interviewed many Muslims, and have been in Muslim homes in the Middle East. One night I even sat around a Bedouin campfire south of Jericho and looked into a little cup of their horrendous coffee.

I do not claim inspiration, or insider information, but I do claim some insight. I have studied the Koran and Hadith for years, have interviewed many Muslims, and have been in Muslim homes in the Middle East. One night I even sat around a Bedouin campfire south of Jericho and looked into a little cup of their horrendous coffee. I have tried to think as they think and I believe I know them well. They want us defeated or dead.

In June of 2002, Al Qaeda announced that they have a right to kill four million Americans! Their spokesman, Suleiman Abu Gheith, published an article on the alneda website that claimed: “We have the right to kill four million Americans–2 million of them children–and to exile twice as many and wound and cripple hundreds of thousands.” Notice they have a “right” to kill four million of us! Yet President Bush made many foolish, untrue statements as he pandered to Muslims. He said, “Terrorists who claim Islam as their inspiration defile one of the world’s greatest faiths. Murder has no place in any religious tradition.” Such pandering to hostile religious leaders will stop abruptly when the next attack occurs.

Polls show 80% of Palestinian children seek a martyr’s death, a death that will kill many “unbelievers.” Most Muslims have been reared to believe that dying in the cause of Allah is more important than living, so to have a proper death (dying as a martyr) is more precious than to live a good and prosperous life. Add to that, if unbelievers will not confess that Allah is god and Mohammed is his prophet then they deserve to die. Moreover, if the dead are Jews and Christians, so much the better. I can provide a hundred verses in the Koran to support my statement. 

According to the Koran, every Muslim is obligated to make the nation in which he lives a Muslim nation. Any Muslim who says otherwise is not a Koranic (traditional) Muslim. Of course that does not register well with most Americans since so many Muslims disavow that clear teaching from the Koran and Hadith. How? By lying! Mohammed told Muslims that they could lie for four reasons: to save their lives, when it comes to their women, espionage, and jihad. That covers about everything!

When Christians lie, they know it is wrong, and the Bible always condemns it; however, when Muslims lie it is all right if the lie is for one of the approved reasons. Muslims can pretend to be peaceful, compliant, and gracious until they are strong enough to take control as Mohammed did when he made a peace treaty and broke it when he was strong enough to take over. That is exactly where we are today. All informed people know that Muslims plan to control the U.S. and every other nation!

When our cities are smoldering, then sane people will finally recognize the duplicity of the politicians, preachers, pundits, etc. On the other hand, could it be “dumbness”? Suffering, sorrowing Americans will demand to know why our leaders did not tell the truth about Islam when every city library in America could reveal the facts about it. Why did the media not report the historical facts that are so available? Why did preachers speak so favorably of Muslims when the Muslims were dedicated to kill as many of us as possible? Those preachers are cheerleaders for their own destruction!
When the next terror attack happens, there is no doubt that new, intrusive laws will be passed (or implemented) that will restrict our freedom. There may be mandatory vaccination against smallpox and other infectious diseases. What if you thought the shots would be far worse than the risk of getting the disease? What if you refused the shots? If a smallpox outbreak happened in your city, you would no doubt be quarantined. What about your traveling job? What about seeing your children in another city? Would you obey a law that restricted public meetings such as church services? If so, for how long? Would you secretly attend church or would you severely criticize fellow-Christians who thought it right to break such a law? 
Not one American city is ready for a massive attack! Following a massive attack, where would the necessary nurses and physicians come from? What about hospital beds? There are not enough grave plots and undertakers to handle the dead and dying. How could banks and insurance companies survive? How could Social Security and Medicare survive such a devastating blow?
How can we exist if only 30% of the farmers were no longer producing food? If politicians reacted as they have in the past to major disasters, they would freeze prices and wages and might even prohibit a person from changing jobs. Would you support a law that required a man to stay in his present job? Well, what if he was a farmer, and if he did not farm, you wouldn’t eat? Would you support that law under that condition? Would you force a farmer to continue farming against his will? How firm are your convictions when it affects the feeding of your family?
With interstates clogged with panic-stricken citizens how would food get to supermarkets, gasoline to gas stations, and ambulances to sick or injured individuals? If the water supply were contaminated, how would desperate people find water to drink? With the power off how would stranded people cook whatever food they have and how would they heat their homes during winter? What of those sick people who must have electricity to continue living on various life support devices? 
 These questions must be faced now; how-ever, our leaders, not wishing to produce panic among the people only deal with surface problems. After all, preparation cannot be made for every contingency. Some will even question my wisdom for asking the questions! Patriotic Americans will ask some questions and demand answers from the people whose salary they pay. Keep in mind that we are the masters, and the politicians and bureaucrats are the servants! Moreover, servants do as they are told!
The U.S. must win this religious war or Western Civilization is down the tubes.  We must stop playing the game of “Let’s Pretend to Stop the Terrorists.” It is time to get serious.

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