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Boys' Book Banned in the Buckle of the Bible Belt!! Part 1

Published Nov 23, 2005
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Well, maybe “ban” is not precise enough but you decide. “Ban” means to “prohibit or forbid,” and in that sense, a Chattanooga newspaper and a television station have banned my book. Chattanooga is a great place to live. It has many Christian colleges, seminaries, and many main offices of Christian organizations in the area. Moreover, Chattanooga is the buckle of the Bible belt, but alas, the buckle has been tarnished by political correctness or maybe personal cowardice. 
My new book, ISLAM: America’s Trojan Horse! was published in March and review copies were sent to various editors. The book review editor at the Chattanooga Times Free Press asked for a copy and my conversation with her was very positive. She agreed to do a review that would be published just before my April 4 book signing at Barnes & Noble. It is always news when a local author publishes a book, especially one as timely, informative, and controversial as mine, but the book review was not published. The book signing went on as scheduled after I appeared on many local radio and television shows. (So, I have not been totally banned.)
I called the book review editor and she said that she had been in Italy and would get it done. Weeks passed without it seeing the light of day, so I called her and told her that my credibility was at stake since I had told various bookstore managers and others that the review would appear. She would get back to me but never did, so I called again and was told that no firm commitment had been given that a review would be published!
She was wrong. Every editor who asked for a book got this message: “I will send my book with the understanding that a review will appear within 30 days and tear sheets will be sent to me.” The message was clear: I would only send books with the understanding that they would do a review with no guarantee that it would be positive. There is no way an author can afford to send his books to numerous editors without an assurance that a review will be done although big publishers often do that. I also told them that I would call them for an explanation if reviews were not published.
Then the Times Free Press published a letter to the editor by Khalid A. Hashmi who accused Cal Thomas of bigotry. I wrote the following in Cal’s defense; however, they refused to print it:

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