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Should Dr. Jerry Vines be Tarred and Feathered?

Published May 21, 2005
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Because Dr. Jerry Vines cast aspersions upon Mohammed for taking a 6-year-old bride (an accusation that can be easily supported with historical facts), the toadies of multiculturalism came out of the closet and accused him of intolerance. (Gasp!) Let’s see if I understand: Vines can’t be critical of Mohammed without being intolerant but his critics can be very critical of him without being intolerant!  I suppose tolerance has its limits, and the limits are always at the line that separates Christians from everyone else! So tar and feather Jerry Vines! Where does he get the right to express what Bible-believing Christians have always believed? Doesn’t he know that in the present atmos-phere all Fundamentalists have lost their First Amendment rights?
Mohammed was a slave to his sexual appetite, an appetite that seemed to be insatiable. In fact, Mohammed’s sexual life was the talk of the desert since he had sexual relations with each wife every day–before prayers! So the story goes. He had the stamina of 30 men and needed it since he had more than 20 women including his concubines and slaves in his harem! (See the Hadith, vol. one, no. 267, 268, and 270.)
Selod Faroog, an orthopedic surgeon and an Islamic spokesman in Fort Worth, said: “People who can’t face the truth come out and make accusations like this. If Muhammad was heavily involved in multiple wives, he wouldn’t have had time to spend all night praying like tradition says.” It is not Vines who cannot face the truth, but his critics who rush to the defense of Mohammed and his seventh century desert religion. I suggest Selod get informed before he makes a fool of himself again. Of course, Mohammed had multiple wives. His sex life was legendary! However, much of it was wishful thinking of his fevered mind!

Mohammed spent each night with a different wife but when it was Hafsa’s turn she was visiting her father, so what’s a man to do? Mohammed took Mary his Egyptian slave to bed, but Hafsa returned early to find Mary in her bed with her husband. Fireworks in old Arabia! Hafsa agreed not to tell anyone but decided to tell Aisha, and soon all Mohammed’s wives were in rebellion. Mohammed promised to stay away from Mary if the harem would calm down; however, he had another vision or fit and the angel Gabriel gave him special permission to change the rules. Sex with a slave was acceptable. Rank hath its privileges, and in spades for the Prophet!

Sura 66:15 is the message that Allah gave to Mohammed that solved his marriage mess: “O Prophet! Why have you forbidden yourself that which God has made lawful unto you [i.e., Mary], out of desire to please your wives, for God is forgiving and merciful? Verily God has sanctioned the revocation of your oaths,…The Prophet had entrusted a secret to one of his wives but she repeated it and God revealed it to him….If he divorces you, God will give him in your stead wives more submissive unto God, believers, pious, repentant, devout, fasting; both Women married previously, and virgins.” Principled Muslims have gagged on that sura for centuries.

But it gets worse, if possible. Mohammed conjured up the temporary contractual marriage whereby a man is permitted to “marry” a woman for 15 minutes for the purpose of sex! One of Islam’s top guns endorses this fact. Al Baydaivi wrote, “The purpose of the contractual marriage is the mere pleasure of intercourse with a woman….”

Mohammed’s sexual appetite caused him more trouble when he was at his adopted son’s home with his beautiful new bride, Zaynab. His son, Zaid was not home and Zaynab was not fully dressed, and Mohammed exclaimed, “Good lord, Heavens, how you turn the hearts of men!” His adopted son divorced his wife and she married Mohammed. However, even in that seventh century desert culture such a thing was considered incestuous. So Gabriel came to the rescue with another of Mohammed’s famous swoons or fits informing him that it was all right to have his son’s wife! (It pays to have your own personal angel!)

After the heavenly message of approval, Mohammed said, “Who will go and congratulate Zaynab (his new bride) and say that the Lord has joined her to me in marriage?” (See sura 33:36-38.) His young wife Aisha had an interesting retort to his most recent “vision” when she said, “Truly your God seems to have been very quick in fulfilling your prayers.” Sarcasm is not called for, Aisha, but how about some fresh poison mushrooms for your husband?

I wish Muslims no harm. Many are decent, law-abiding Americans, but I will not waltz around the truth to make them feel more comfortable with their religion. Just as I am “stuck” with Jesus Christ and His holy life and absolutely true Word, so Muslims are stuck with Mohammed’s deceit, dishonesty, and depravity.

I would like for some Muslim leader to tell me why it is all right for them to ridicule what I believe about Christ, the Son of God who died to take about my sins and give me incredible peace and joy, but I don’t have the right to tell the truth about Islam without being drawn and quartered. Anyone want to try?

If Dr. Jerry Vines is tarred and feathered, it would be an honor to share the experience with him. However, Jerry, you go first!


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