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Most Muslims Leaders are Hypocrites!

Published Apr 23, 2005
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Well, Muslim leaders are at it again. Last week they issued a news release blasting Bush charging him with being “insensitive to the civil liberties and human rights of American Muslims” and treating Muslims like “second-class citizens.” So they have asked all Muslims to vote for Kerry. They tell Muslims that they need to “focus on the real issues.” All right, let us do that.

The real issue is that most Muslim propaganda groups are for the most part front organizations for terrorists. At least they do damage control for radical Muslims. Nevertheless, let us take their advice and look at the “real” issues.

A traitor is a traitor. Treat him like one. They used to be strapped into an electric chair but that was back when we were “insensitive.” Have you noticed how treason has increased along with the increase of our “sensitivity”? Could there be a connection?

A “real” issue is that Muslims in the U.S. have been raising money for terrorist groups while protected by U.S. laws! If a group is involved in any way with terrorism, its members should be recognized as traitors, and the leaders imprisoned. This is no attack on religion but on traitors. I don’t care whether a traitor is wearing a Jewish skullcap, Hindu turban, a Catholic collar, or a Muslim robe. On the other hand, he could be a Christian fundamentalist in a shiny 1980s three-piece suit or a black Bishop in an outrageously ostentatious outfit.  A traitor is a traitor. Treat him like one. They used to be strapped into an electric chair but that was back when we were “insensitive.” Have you noticed how treason has increased along with the increase of our “sensitivity”? Could there be a connection?

Another “real” issue is that Muslims in America are demanding their civil rights but do not demand the same in Muslim nations? Hummmm. Wonder why? Have you noticed that Muslim hypocrites are not demanding the right of Saudi citizens to go to a church? Not one church in all of Saudi Arabia! Would American Muslims help me start the Trinity Baptist Church in Mecca? No Muslim leader has offered to help me lobby for that civil and religious right.

How about the “real” issue of female mutilation in Egypt and other North African nations controlled by Islam? Don’t you think that when little girls are held down and sexually mutilated for life, their civil and human rights are more important than what Muslims are whining about in their news release? The silence from Muslim mosques on this real issue is deafening.

Where are all the hypocrites on the left who are demanding an end to killing whales, protecting the “virgin” forests, passing laws to protect snakes, owls, and snail darters, and aggressively promoting the yellow-bellied sapsucker?  Can some of these leftists and loonies take a few minutes to shed a tear for little girls who are sexually mutilated in Muslim countries as they are assaulted by female ghouls in every neighborhood?

How about another “real” issue. The Koran clearly teaches that every Muslim has the obligation to participate enthusiastically in Jihad or holy fighting and to make the nation in which he lives a Muslim nation. Will the Muslim leaders who sent out the news lease agree that my statement is correct and disavow it? If they declare my charge is inaccurate, I will be pleased to prove them either dishonest or uninformed.

One of the most pressing “real” issues is suicide bombers in the Middle East. How can any human, of any religion (or no religion) support such barbarism? Would the issuers of the news release agree that suicidal bombers are homicidal bombers who drop into the hottest corner of hell, not into the arms of dark eyed virgins? Surely, we can all agree on that, can’t we?

Another “real” issue is the right of Muslims in any nation to convert to another religion. Surely, that is not controversial is it? Of course, the Koran and Hadith say otherwise, but can we get some agreement from Muslim leaders that Muslims should disregard that teaching and proclaim total religious freedom for everyone? No? Well, all right, you don’t expect hypocrites to be consistent, do you?

All right, so U.S. Muslim leaders will not endorse religious freedom (except for themselves!) but surely they will repudiate killings of those Muslims (in any nation) who convert to Christ. No one but uncouth, uneducated, unsophisticated, uncaring barbarians would endorse or encourage killing people who sincerely want to change their religious beliefs. Do you agree Amad, Mohammed, or whomever?

And closely akin to the “real” issue above is the practice of “honor” killings where Muslim girls are butchered by their own family if the females are “disgraced” by rape! Moreover, there have been a few cases where the rape was perpetrated by brothers of the girls! And momma killed the daughter instead of the sons! All right, everyone, even the most rabid radical follower of Mohammed can agree that such a thing is outrageous and should be proscribed. No? Hmmmm.

I charge that Muslim clerics who do not see the “real” issues as stated above and will not take a sane, sensible stand are hypocrites, yea even sanctimonious hypocrites.  And sanctimonious hypocrites are the worst kind!

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