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Boys' Book Banned in the Buckle of the Bible Belt!! Part 2

Published Mar 22, 2005
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Maybe “ban” is not the verb I need, but it works as far as the Chattanooga Times Free Press and WTVC TV are concerned. Why did the two media outlets refuse to keep their commitments to expose my book to the people of Greater Chattanooga?  Everyone knows that it is news when a local author publishes a book, especially one as timely and important as ISLAM: America’s Trojan Horse!

Maybe my book was rejected because it is not worthy or poorly written. Well, if so, why did they make the commitment? Moreover, if so, then the book reviewer could make that point in the review! That is what a review is all about! She could point out the dangling participles, split infinitives, subject verb disagreement and factual mistakes. However, no one has identified any mistakes in grammar or in historical fact!

In fact, the unsolicited recommendations have been outstanding such as the Canadian reader who said, “It is the greatest book I ever read.” I assume that is hyperbolic! “I have read to page 29 and I am captivated by the book,” wrote a reader from Georgia. A university professor wrote: “Insightful! Interesting! Informative! A must read!”   Then a Detroit talk show host said during a live show: “A very interesting book!” A television news anchor said: “A very interesting and timely book.”  A caller to a television talk show said: “I’ve read to page 88, and it is outstanding.”  Finally a New York City talk show host said, “Bulls eye answers. This book made me change my whole outlook about Islam.”

The blurb on the back of the book was written by Dr. Harold Willmington of Liberty University and one of America’s most respected authors. He said: “In my opinion this is the most concise, yet complete overview of the evils of the Muslim faith in print today. It is a book that must be read by every American.” Full disclosure requires me to reveal that Harold and I are old college friends.

No, the problem is not with the quality of my writing but in the subject matter: I told the historical truth about Mohammed and Muslims, and the media are too cowardly to admit it! Doesn’t truth matter anymore?

So it is not a dull book. After all, I have been published in major U.S. papers (including the Chattanooga Times Free Press!) and magazines–secular and religious. USA Today paid me for eight years to write columns for them (as their token fundamentalist), so surely I have the ability to write in an interesting and appealing way. No, the problem is not with the quality of my writing but in the subject matter: I told the historical truth about Mohammed and Muslims, and the media are too cowardly to admit it! Doesn’t truth matter anymore?

Therefore, I went through my book to see where I was politically incorrect. I noticed that I repeatedly made clear that I have no problems with Muslims who are anti-terrorists and pro-American (although I have major religious differences but that is all right since this is America, not Saudi Arabia!). My concern is the closet terrorists or to change metaphors, those deep inside the Trojan Horse. In my Introduction, I angered people by asking why “moderate” Muslims “have not demanded [personal and religious] freedom in Islamic nations since the September 11 attack on America? Why were all the ‘moderate’ Muslims so quiet on the subject?” And why haven’t American Muslims denounced terrorist attacks in Israel?” Are those questions too much pressure on Muslim clerics?

I was too direct when I wrote: “I would like a Muslim leader to tell me why he has the right to offend me with lies about Christ’s deity, death and resurrection and I am supposed to sit there and smile like an idiot, but I cannot point out the incredible contradiction, mistakes, and absurdities in the religion of Islam without being called a hater?” No, that is too pointed and demands fairness and equal treatment. But it seems a Christian does not get the same consideration given a Muslim in today’s climate!

I antagonized many by criticizing preachers who are “building bridges” between Christians and Islam: “They will be recognized as cheerleaders for our destruction. Those sickly, smiling clergymen wearing panty hose, silk shorts, lace around their shirts, and sniffing French perfume from frilly handkerchiefs make me ashamed to be an American.” I was speaking of Robert Schuller and Bill Hybels, and others who had Muslim clerics in their pulpits after the September 11 attack! Moreover, with no rebuke when the Muslims spouted their nonsense! Note that I was not calling for any Muslim to be harmed or even ridiculed. I am interested in truth.

I shoveled hot coals upon my own head when I documented the Middle East connections to the Oklahoma City bombing! Not politically correct since Federal author-ities have insisted that the bombing was done only by two white right-wingers. They are wrong.

Some Christians will be angered because I asked: “Can we trust our government? I suggest that we can disagree with our government without questioning its legitimacy, and one can love his country yet fear his government. Can we always trust our government? Ask an American Indian.” Many Christians teach that one should never question authorities, but I wonder what they would have done in 1776?

In another chapter, I made it clear that not all religions are equal, that there is only one way to heaven, and Christ is that Way. I have been told that such a position is very narrow and is similar to Islam; however, while Bible Christians do believe Christ is the only way to Heaven, we are not flying planes into buildings and exploding body bombs in restaurants. I stated: “In this day when old truths have been ridiculed, revised, and rejected, the Bible stands as it has for centuries as a trustworthy guide to the lost, an encouragement to the lonely, and as an indictment of the liberal and a map for the pilgrim.” Yes, that is narrow, but it is what genuine Christians have always believed!

An honest author will pursue truth wherever it leads, and I have done that in ISLAM: America’s Trojan Horse! It seems that my revelations have angered everyone! Muslims are angry because I told the truth about Mohammed beheading over 800 Jewish men, taking his son’s wife, marrying a nine-year-old, etc., plus pointing out numerous mistakes in the Koran and Hadith.

Israelis are angry because I pointed out that some of their heroes also used terror as a political tool; evangelical Christians (who often are blind supporters of Israel) are angry because I called for the cessation  of all welfare–that includes all financial support for Israel as well as Egypt, Jordan, etc.

Catholics are mad because I dealt with the Crusades (one of the major burrs under every Muslims’ saddle); Israelis are angry because I pointed out that some of their heroes also used terror as a political tool; evangelical Christians (who often are blind supporters of Israel) are angry because I called for the cessation  of all welfare–that includes all financial support for Israel as well as Egypt, Jordan, etc. Close the international welfare window. Many Christians want to give Israel a signed, blank check drawn on the U. S. Treasury. While I support Israel, I do not support everything they do, and I do not want to continue to finance them. Question to the bigots: Does that make me an anti-Semite?

Republicans will be angry because I suggest that President Bush is dancing with the devil when he told Muslims, “The face of terror is not the true face of Islam.” I suggested if Bush’s approval of “peaceful” Islam is not true then Christians have an obligation to reprove, rebuke, and rectify his error….After all, he is only the President of the United States, not a member of the Trinity! (Don’t tell that to fanatic Republicans  who think the GOP is the fount from which all blessings flow.)” I further suggested that when the next terrorist attack happens Bush and Company’s unwisely and hastily adopted sympathy and pandering to all things Muslim will be discarded as quickly as long underwear in a Texas heat wave.

Many Blacks will be angered because of my chapter dealing with Black Muslims. I documented the fact that early leaders were immoral huskers who climbed to power on the backs of uneducated, unsophisticated, and unwise Blacks and all of their leaders are huskers of hate. Some will accuse me of wearing a white sheet or at least having one hanging in my closet!

Those I have not angered will probably be displeased with my chapter on terror and how people have responded to past plagues and terror. While all Federal officials tell us more terror is coming to America, no one is asking the necessary questions that I am asking. Informed medical officials admit that not one American city can handle a massive attack–not enough doctors, nurses, beds, equipment, etc. If thousands of people die in your city, there are not enough funeral homes to bury the dead, or enough grave plots, or enough workers to replace dead workers, especially in many specified fields. Insurance companies, Social Security, etc., would be decimated.

Finally, I angered many Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians who think unlimited immigration is good. I wrote that a nation must be in control of its borders and we are not in control. I would stop all immigration for two years until we gain control. After that, I would not permit anyone to become an American citizen unless he or she can sing in English all the verses of “American the Beautiful” and whistle the National Anthem at the same time–with a mouthful of saltine crackers! Well, almost.

Nevertheless, the massive problem is that thousands of illegal aliens enter the U.S. every day from Mexico some even paying up to $50,000.00 to be smuggled in. They are not paying $50,000 to come to the U.S. to pick tomatoes or strawberries!  We should use the military and drones to patrol the borders; ship all illegals back home and arrest them if they return.

I opened and closed my book with a good question for those who think I am too hard, harsh, or even hateful: What if Muslim terrorists drop a nuclear bomb over one of our major cities resulting in the deaths of 100,000 Americans from the blast with another 300,000 dying of radiation; plunging the stock market to the basement; devastating our economy for a generation; putting millions of people out of work; producing fear and anxiety up and down every street in our nation; would you still think I am  too harsh?

The Trojan Horse, filled with terrorists, is well within America’s walls and they are capable of doing irreparable harm to us. We are fools to be so careful of Muslims’ feelings that we jeopardize the safety and health of American citizens.

My question to the Chattanooga Times Free Press and Channel 9: What are my errors? Where am I unfair? Unjust? Why are you more sensitive to Muslims than Christians? Why not do some original research for yourself? Do you want to go the way of the once-great Indianapolis Star and News? How about the New York Times, CNN, etc.? Have we reached the point as Middle East scholar Dr. Daniel Pipes wrote “that everything Islamic must be praised and everything skeptical of Islam must be condemned”? He asked: “What is this anyway, Saudi Arabia?” No, not yet. It is still America, the Bible Belt of the World, and here in Chattanooga, the “belt” buckle is getting tarnished with political correctness.

So, has my book been “banned” in the Bible Belt? You decide.



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Lili Shotts Cheney
Jun 12, 2016 10:29pm [ 1 ]

sounds like an excellent book!! I look forward to reading more. By the way, if you remember Pastor R.L. Shotts, I am his 3rd daughter and he is now with the Lord, but I will always remember how he supported you and also I greatly appreciate what you are trying to do.

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