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Harlot Church in Revelation 17?

Published Feb 15, 2005
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Have you heard about the “Back to Rome” movement? Some high church denominations already are moving that way. Many individual churches have already made the switch to Rome. (I’d rather fight. In fact, I will fight rather than switch.)

Is the Roman Catholic Church the Harlot of Revelation 17, and if so, why are evangelicals and Fundamentalists so soft on it? The Roman Church is not part of Christianity!

Is the Roman Catholic Church the Harlot of Revelation 17, and if so, why are evangelicals and Fundamentalists so soft on it? The Roman Church is not part of Christianity! It is an abhorrent, apostate, and abominable system that is drenched in the blood of the martyrs. It is cowardly and compromising to give them any legitimacy.

The Roman Church is founded on a lie when they tell gullible people that it was founded by Peter. There is no historical record that Peter was the first Pope. Catholics try to convince people that the papacy started at 9:00 one Monday morning, but the fact is it developed over hundreds of years. In fact, “pope” was a title given to any bishop and even some simple priests from the third to the fifth century. It was a long time before the Bishop of Rome manipulated himself into a position of power over all the other preachers in the Roman Empire.

The mass is a mess as they pretend that the wafer is actually changed into the body of Christ, and the wine becomes the actual blood of Christ. It is one of the most blasphemous teachings that has been hatched in the corrupt mind of man. William Manchester admits in, A World Lit Only by Fire, that “…the pagan sacrifice of humans was replaced by Christianity’s [Roman   Catholic] symbolic Mass….”  There you have it. The Roman mass simply replaced the pagan sacrifice of humans! It has nothing to do with the Bible, yet it is necessary for a Catholic to get to heaven!

Manchester also tells us that “Statues of Horus, the Egyptian sky god, and Isis, the goddess of royalty, were re-christened Jesus and Mary.” Roman Catholicism is pure paganism. No informed Christian would give them any kind of succor as we are seeing some do in evangelical circles.

Most theologians down through the centuries have taught that the Roman Church will be the harlot of Revelation 17, and if that is true, we sure don’t want to have anything to do with her.  Any Christian should be horrified with any association with the Roman Church. It has corrupted society, butchered our ancestors, disgraced the pulpit and damned millions to hell by its heresy so why would any sane, sensible, scriptural person have anything to do with it? Why indeed?

The Apostle John, I believe, referred to the Roman Church in Revelation 17:18 where he proclaimed, “And the woman which thou sawest is the great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.” Bible scholars have taught that the Roman Church will be used by the Anti-Christ to garner power to himself. There are numerous references that suggest the harlot sitting on seven hills (of Rome), arrayed in purple and scarlet, drunk with the blood of the martyrs, is the Roman Catholic Church.
The Roman Church is not only bringing the various denominations together, but pagan religions of the world! St. Louis Archbishop Justin Rigali  is  reported  in  St. Louis Review, March 25, 1994, as saying, “With deep satisfaction we acknowledge with respect and friendship our brothers and sisters of other religions, especially those associated with Abraham, our own father in faith. We greet our Jewish brothers and sisters, whose religious tradition is the forerunner of our own….” He added, “With our Muslim brethren we honor the living God, the merciful and all-powerful Maker of heaven and earth.” The archbishop is saying that Jews and Muslims, being “brothers and sisters” will go to heaven without faith in Christ! If it is true that one can go to heaven without faith in Christ then He was a fool to go to the cross! And why have I spent my life as a preacher?

Get ready folks, the world church is being formed with headquarters in Rome, but here is one Fundamentalist who will never “return to Rome” since my crowd has never been in her! Our kind of churches were publicly baptizing converts in huge tubs throughout Germany, Switzerland and other European nations long before the Reformation. I will stay independent as a hog on ice and free as an eagle until shrimp learn to whistle and pigs learn to fly.

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May 9, 2008 12:14pm [ 1 ]

Take your evil and your jealousy and shove it somewhere!

Scott R. Harrington
May 27, 2008 8:57pm [ 2 ]

Dear Don Boys, Ph.D. The popes of Rome all been in darkness since at least 1013-1014 AD (and culminating in 1054 AD), when they all began chanting in Latin “Filioque”, “Filioque”, in disobedience of our LORD GOD and Saviour, Jesus Christ (Jn. 15:26). If we dare say that the Holy Spirit proceeds also “from the Son” FILIOQUE, we share in in iniquity and error of papist Rome! From such doctrine turn away! Sincerely, Scott R. Harrington Pennsylvania

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