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Is is Racist to Want a White, Predominately English Speaking America?

Published Nov 7, 2006
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Environmental fanatics, in collusion with the Federal government, have gone to outrageous extremes to preserve the snail darter, spotted owl, and the yellow belly sap sucker, so is it unreasonable to preserve America as the land of the free and the home of the brave? Why is it commendable for Blacks, Hispanics, Arabs, and others to loudly proclaim their ethnicity, but when a white, English speaking person does so, everyone treats him like a bigot? This is an issue that no one wants to deal with. It is as if there is an elephant sitting in a formal living room that no one admits is there! While I don’t want to be identified with white supremacists, I think it is not only right but desirable to maintain our heritage and culture.

Hey, if unlimited immigration is good, then let other nations take in the immigrants who are “yearning to breathe free….”

Hey, if unlimited immigration is good, then let other nations take in the immigrants who are “yearning to breathe free….” If it is noble, kind, and compassionate to take in an unlimited number of foreigners, then let the other advanced nations get the blessings of immigration. It is not racism to suggest that the complexion of America is being changed, and while some think that is good, I don’t.

Why must white people apologize for being white? Because we think being white is just as good as being black, brown, etc., is that prima fascia evidence that we hate other people? There are far more nations populated by people of color than white nations. Why not have a majority white nation here and there around the globe?

Blacks, Latin Americans, etc., should be proud of their nationality/race, after all God made them that way. So would you mind if I believe the same thing about being white and English speaking? And why make America into another Hispanic country? Aren’t there enough of them south of the U.S.? Why do we need another Spanish-speaking nation?

Those who legally immigrate to the U.S. should learn to speak our language! That is the least they can do. Teddy Roosevelt suggested that any immigrant who did not learn English within five years of his arrival should be shipped back home! Tally Ho, Teddy!

I think my grandchildren have a right to live in a nation similar to what I grew up in. I don’t want to see our culture changed to that of the sixth or seventh-century Arabian Desert or a Third World African or South American nation. It is not unreasonable to expect America to reflect the America I grew up in!

With the massive increase in legal and illegal immigration, we are going to lose our national identity. Some think that is not bad. I’m not one of them.

I would like a return to the relative innocence of the 1950s; however, that won’t happen. But we can once again believe that there is a difference in right and wrong, and we have a moral responsibility to choose the right. We can discriminate in that we will make value judgments about cars, music, television shows, politics, and even religion.

With the massive increase in legal and illegal immigration, we are going to lose our national identity. Some think that is not bad. I’m not one of them. People from Europe immigrating to the U.S. are much easier to assimilate than most of those from Latin American, African, and Middle Eastern nations. And as people come and hold loyalty to former homelands, it erodes our society. It weakens our sovereignty.  If we have to assimilate a million new Americans here, do you think it would be easier to assimilate a million British or a million Haitians? I don’t want either group for a few years.

The proponents of the salad bowl theory tell us that one culture or religion is just as good as another. We are told that a 300-member, Stone Age culture with all its barbarism, brutality, and backwardness is just as viable, valuable, and virtuous as our modern, urbane, sophisticated society with elevators, airplanes, automobiles, hospitals, MRI machines, computers, etc. Likewise, the voodoo cultures practicing witchcraft, shamanism, demonism, pantheism, etc., are as acceptable and on par with Christianity.  I don’t believe that either.

I do believe that some immigration is acceptable although I would stop it for three to five years, and people who want to blend with our culture should have priority. Most Americans want a cultural and national melting pot, not a salad bowl. However, there should be restrictions and requirements for immigrants. In addition to limiting immigration we should raise our standards requiring immigrants to sing in English all the verses of “America, the Beautiful” and whistle the National Anthem at the same time–with a mouthful of saltine crackers! Well, maybe not quiet that extreme, but almost!

I am tired of immigrates who demand that we be sensitive to their feelings when they don’t give a flip about ours. We have our own language, lifestyle, culture, music (such as it is), and I am weary of foreigners who enjoy all the many benefits of our nation and are not sensitive to our feelings. In the name of multiculturalism and non-discrimination, we opened our collective arms and invited anyone and everyone to our shores with no questions asked and no obligations required. We have been fools and are watching American culture being denounced, denigrated, and destroyed in front of our eyes. That must stop!

If immigrants are offended when I sing patriotic songs, fly the American flag, and pray to Christ, then tough luck. This is a big world so they can find someplace else to live. There is plenty of empty space on the Arabian Desert!

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