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Bush Sitting on Seething Volcano: Immigration!

Published Oct 22, 2007
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Even in normal times, it is insane for a nation to have unrestricted immigration, and during wars, national pestilences, or terror, it is doubly insane to have open borders! That’s about where the U.S. is today. With an astronomical increase in crime, with burgeoning welfare roles, with cities and states whining about being out of money, with hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work and more to follow, we still have almost open borders! We might as well put up a huge sign on our southern border: “Terrorists and other illegals, Welcome! Follow the arrows to Tucson!”  Maybe an additional sign promising “free medical care and education”!

Each day about 500,000 illegal aliens cross into the U.S. from Mexico carrying drugs, disease, and destructive plans to our nation. Most want to pick tomatoes; however if tomato pickers can slip in, so can terrorists. Yet, we have major politicians, including President Bush, who are so unconcerned they want to give amnesty to the illegal gatecrashers already here! The President seems to be unaware that he is sitting on a seething volcano that is about to explode! Is he totally uninformed as to what is happening in European nations such as Holland?

There are now 78,000 illegal aliens from terror-friendly or terror-supporting nations hiding in the U.S.! Surely Bush knows that Americans will hold him and the GOP responsible for terrorism resulting from his inaction, ineptitude, or incompetence relating to border security. Bush’s volcano is about to explode!

Should U.S. taxpayers be expected to finance illegal immigrants? I can defend the position that we should not finance legal immigrants? There is even talk of Mexicans getting U.S. Social Security! Have the loonies taken over the asylum?

Since immigrants from Mexico and South America have lower skills, they are more likely to request public assistance, gorge the public school system, overwhelm the health care industry, and spike the crime reports. Bigotry? Not at all. Just the facts. Did you know that 15% of California students are illegal aliens and 25% of U.S. Federal prisoners are illegals? They are not in prison for being gatecrashers but for committing crimes in the U.S.! You are funding them!
We should be concerned about illegal and legal immigration. Harvard professor George Borjas, affirmed that “the United States has been granting entry visas to persons who have relatives in the United States, with no regard to their skills or economic potential.” He said that, “Immigrants today are less skilled than their predecessors, more likely to require public assistance, and far more likely to have children who remain in poor, segregated communities.”

Borjas says, immigration is bad news for America’s poor. The wages of America’s high school dropouts have fallen 10% since the 1980s relative to the wages of more educated workers. Borjas declares that about a third of that decline is because of immigration. Almost 30 percent of the immigrants now living in this country are of Mexican origin. The empirical evidence suggests that immigration is exacerbating this problem of poverty according to Professor Borjas.

Bill Straub reports that the town of San Luis, Arizona has about 3,000 residents, but has 20,000 post office boxes because those living across the border in Mexico use them as a permanent American address to collect public benefits. Courtesy of YOU. Don’t you feel warm and fuzzy knowing that you go to work each day to support parasites across the border?

We must admit that if large numbers of Mexicans, legal or illegal, enter the U.S. it will relieve some of Mexico’s social and economic problems, but what will it do to America’s? By what twisted logic are U.S. citizens expected to take their hard-earned money to provide for foreigners, especially foreigners who are criminals? Maybe it can be justified if you worship at the shrine of global government, but no thinking person does that, do they?

The pro-immigration people tell us that immigrants don’t take jobs; they make jobs and pay taxes. However, while that is true in individual cases, it is not true in the aggregate. George Borjas estimates that the immigrants’ cash welfare benefits alone cost about $1 billion more than is paid by them in taxes each year. A report in August of 2004 revealed that illegals cost Americans ten billion dollars more than they pay in taxes!

We are told that Mexicans are needed to do work that Americans will not do, but a more correct statement is that they take jobs that Americans don’t want at the going wage! When times get tough, Americans will work at any job to put food on the table. Don’t you feel good knowing that Mexican immigrants are working at very low wages to make more profit for the agri-businesses?

It is time for the U.S. to take charge of our borders, keep out illegal aliens, apprehend those now living in the U.S. illegally and demand that our “friends” south of the border stop playing the hypocrite and close their northern border as they have their southern border. It’s past time to get started. The volcano is about to explode!


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