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If Obama is a Committed Christian, When Was He Baptized?

Published Oct 10, 2008

Senator Barack Hussein Obama claims to be a Christian; however, he gives no evidence of that. In fact, his heretical statement indicates that he, like many others, is simply a professor rather than a possessor of Christ. His revealing statement: “I believe there are many paths to the same place.” He is correct if one wants to go to Hoboken but not if one wants to go to Heaven. Christ is still the only way.

One does not have to be a Christian to be a good President, and a person might be a good President even if he were a Muslim. The big question: Is he lying and if so then we have every reason to question him before he gets to the Oval Office. It’s bad enough to have a liberal whose policies are like the elastic in an old lady’s drawers—stretching to fit any shape or circumstance but to have a liar in the Oval office (as we have seen before) could destroy us.   

He went forward at Trinity United Church of Christ 20 years ago for membership but when was he baptized? Does Obama know that joining a church or being baptized have nothing to do with becoming a Christian? I have tried repeatedly to discover when he was baptized but without success. I talked and emailed Trinity and his website many times without success. The media person at Trinity told me that the church requires baptism either before applying for membership or at that time. So, was he baptized and if not, why not? Did his pastor at the time make special provisions for him? It’s a very simple question that can be easily answered. If he has never been baptized, why not?

Baptism has always been the public mark of a personal decision to trust Christ as personal Savior. While evangelicals and fundamentalists do not believe baptism is essential for salvation, we do believe that it is the public identification of personal faith. It is a break with the past denominational and doctrinal errors and a declaration to follow Christ. Would public baptism be too much of a break with his Muslim past?

There is no doubt that he was born and reared a Muslim and attended a Muslim school…

There is no doubt that he was born and reared a Muslim and attended a Muslim school where he was registered as a Muslim and learned to recite the Koran in Arabic. He attended special classes to learn the Koran and that showed far more commitment than American kids going to Sunday school.

Obama’s website declares, “Obama has never been a Muslim, and is a committed Christian.” However, his spokesman told the LA Times that he wasn’t a “practicing Muslim.” Which is it? There is a big difference in “never” being a Muslim and not being a “practicing” Muslim. His website states, “Obama never prayed in a mosque. He has never been a Muslim, was not raised a Muslim, and is a committed Christian who attends the United Church of Christ.” I question the validity of that statement.

He was born a Muslim (His father, stepfather and grandparents were all Muslims.) and if he is a “committed” Christian then when was he baptized? All Christian denominations would admit that baptism is essential to qualify a believer as “committed.” Obama confesses in Dreams From My Father, that he studied the Koran in a “Muslim school.” In that Muslim school, his teacher wrote his mother to tell her, “[Obama] made faces during Koranic studies.” Can’t we take his word about that or has he flip-flopped on that as well as many other issues? Of course, he was a Muslim and is he one now?

All right, what’s the big deal about his religion? If Obama was a Muslim and is now a Christian then he is an apostate and in the peaceful religion of Islam, apostates are killed. That is important for anyone and for an American leader, it could be catastrophic—for him and America. If Obama is still a Muslim, that also could be catastrophic and we have a right, no an obligation, to discover the truth.

We are told that he confesses to being a Christian and not a Muslim so isn’t that good enough. No, because Islam permits lying if it furthers the cause of Islam! Muslims can even deny Mohammed as the Prophet of Allah as long as they do not mean it and if it helps their cause. It would help their cause if they had one of their own as president! Moreover, every Muslim is obligated to make the nation in which he lives a Muslim nation so I want to know about Obama and his baptism.

How do you answer the charge that either you agreed with Pastor Wright’s caustic, un-American, anti-Jewish, anti-white diatribe or you were incredibly naïve by being a member of his church for 20 years?

Questions some intrepid reporter must ask Obama:
1. Are you willing to confess that you were a Muslim in your youth? 
2. Have you been baptized in a Christian church, and if so where and when?
3. Since you profess to being a Christian, do you think all Muslims should have the right to convert to other religions?
4. Would you as president support the right of Christians to start churches in Saudi Arabia and other Islamic nations?
5. Will you repudiate all anti-white, anti-Jewish, anti-Israel fanatics? 
6.   Do you believe the Israelis have illegally occupied Palestinian territories for over 40 years?
7. How do you answer the charge that either you agreed with Pastor Wright’s caustic, un-American, anti-Jewish, anti-white diatribe or you were incredibly naïve by being a member of his church for 20 years?
8. Senator, you are accused of lying about numerous things such as your father being a goat herder, your grandfather’s social and financial status, your Selma connection, the Kennedy “air lift,” your legislation in the U.S. Senate, etc., so why should we trust you in the Oval office?
9. Senator, you have spent fewer than 200 actual days in the U.S. Senate so why should we trust one of such inexperience to be the leader of the Free World?

Don’t count on any reporter asking those questions. To ask them would be prima fascia evidence  to many that the reporter is a bigot! Are Americans so stupid and deluded? If so, our nation is on the toboggan slide to oblivion. I predict that a President Barack Hussein Obama would lead America over the cliff with flags waving and bugles blaring. And maybe we deserve it!

So, Senator, if you are a Christian, when were you baptized as a public profession that you have rejected all past alliances with Islam and are intent on living as a Christian?

Copyright 2008, Don Boys, Ph.D.

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woody craft
Oct 1, 2008 2:58pm [ 1 ]

Misinformation is a trick to confuse opponents, hide truth, and is a tactic of devious and evil people to hide their motives and intents. Muslims are good at this and very straight faced and very brash at it without blinking an eye. Look at his running mate…whew. God is going to give us over to this countries’ rebellion against moral issues and its perverseness.

Thanks for listening

James Garland
Oct 10, 2008 2:57am [ 2 ]

Dr. Boys, you are right on with everything about Obama, and Islam. I only wish so many people did not have blinders on.

I e-mailed you several times from Riyadh, I am now in Monrovia, Liberia. I am working with a local Church, and the Armed Forces, and it is sad to see that Islam is on the rise here, mainly because the government has made the decision that they are to be a secular nation, and that all religions are good and of equal value.

In His service

James Garland

mike hauner
Oct 23, 2008 10:34pm [ 3 ]

I watched the Civil Forum interview with Rick Warren. Obama never said he has accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. In reference to his church, he said that he learned or had knowledge of Jesus. He also said because of his religion his marriage with his wife was sacred.

Nov 25, 2009 9:46pm [ 4 ]

I don’t understand the author when he says Obama was “born” a Muslim. Having relatives of one religion do not automatically make you a member of that religion. We are all born with a choice, and it is no different with Obama. So, if he is a muslim now, or ever has been, he had to have made a decision. If a child is born in a demonic household, does that make the child a witch? No, if the child is still young when he dies, he goes to heaven.

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