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Biography of the author - Dr. Don Boys

Published Feb 27, 2008
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Don Boys, Ph.D.

Dr. Don Boys was born in West Virginia, and received his early education there. Following his salvation as a teen, he preached on the streets of Huntington, in the jails, parks and missions.

He entered Moody Bible Institute immediately after high school, was married and continued his education at Tennessee Temple College, Immanuel College and Heritage Baptist University where he earned his Ph.D.

While an evangelist and Christian school administrator, Boys was elected to the Indiana House of Representatives, and was identified by the media as the ”most conservative member of the General Assembly.”

His wife of 33 years died in 1987, and he married Ellen Hussong in late 1988. He and his first wife had four children, now all married and all are in full-time Christian work. His three daughters are Christian school teachers and his son is a pastor.

Ellen, a 1968 graduate of Piedmont Baptist College, has been widowed twice. She sings in the revivals and speaks in their conferences. She is especially effective in dealing with husband / wife relationships and the rearing and discipline of children. Her two sons work in the airline industry, and her daughter works for Piedmont Baptist College.

The Message

Boys believes the major thrust of his message is one of revival. His sermons are sparked with humor, illustrated with history and based in the Bible. He often preaches on Bible characters, believing that listeners identify more with people than precepts. Dr. Boys is a strong, fundamental Baptist preacher who believes that the Word of God will produce character in people who hear and obey its teachings.

Boys tries to reach the heart as well as the head, and closes each service with an invitation for people to trust Christ in the forgiveness of sins. He also invites people to confess personal sin and others to join the church. While the invitation is fervent, he never pressures for decisions.

Boys’ Ministry expanded when he wrote a column for the national newspaper USA TODAY from 1985 through 1993. He has also written many feature articles for USA TODAY magazine, the Chattanooga Free-Press, the Sword of the Lord, and the Baptist Tribune and has been interviewed by scores of magazines, journals and newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Indianapolis News, Indianapolis Star, Sacramento Bee, London Daily Mail, etc.

His USA TODAY columns resulted in hundreds of television and radio talk-shows where he has defended the Christian conservative positions on sodomy, abortion, death penalty, pornography, creation, the environment, gun control, welfare, self-defense, Fundamentalism, etc.

Talk Show Appearances

Dr. Boys has been a guest on “Crossfire”; ‘’Sally Jessy Raphael” (twice); the “Jerry Springer Show” (three times); the “Morton Downey, Jr. Show”; “NBC Nightly News”; “CBS Morning News”; the “Christian Television Network (three times); and many cable shows. He has also appeared on well-known radio shows such as the “Jack Anderson Show”; the “Pat Buchanan Show”; the London “BBC; the “ABC” radio network, etc.

Boys’ columns and talk show appearances are almost always controversial (but not to Bible believers); however, his preaching is totally different. He will deal with very controversial subjects only if asked to by the pastor. Having been a pastor he is sensitive to a pastor’s position and has vowed never to cause problems in a church.

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