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© 2008 cstnews.com Common Sense for Today is an effort to bring common sense back into society and especially into our church and family lives. Of course, common sense alone will result in high tone humanism but we seek to make this site Bible based. Whatever the issue under discussion, we seek to provide a Bible basis since that is the only safe guide for life and doctrine.

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Don Boys, Ph.D. is an Independent Baptist evangelist now living in Ringgold, Georgia. He spent 30 years in Indianapolis as an evangelist, Administrator of the Baptist Academy, author, and member of the Indiana House of Representatives. He and his wife, Ellen (who sings in his meetings) do family conferences, revival meetings, child rearing conferences, creation conferences across the nation and in many foreign countries.

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Very Vaulable Information:

Boys’ blog contains hundreds of articles on very important and controversial issues. New articles published each week.

Visit Don’s blog at  donboys.cstnews.com.  

Boys’ email address is DBoysphd@aol.com. 

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