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Dr. Kent Hovind Gets Ten Years Because of Religion or Tax Fraud?

Published Sep 22, 2007

Everyone knows Lady Justice is blind but now we know she is bigoted as well! Case in point: Dr. Kent Hovind was recently sentenced to ten years in jail. Kent argued that his ministry was tax exempt and cited the IRS code to support his case! He wrote the IRS many times asking them why he was wrong if, in fact, he was wrong. They never responded! Arrogance? Incompetence? Whatever the reason, an American citizen could not get a reply from the very people who should have been able, even eager, to help him.

Kent’s enemies are painting him as a greedy tax resister when he has said repeatedly that he will pay all the taxes he owes.

Kent’s enemies are painting him as a greedy tax resister when he has said repeatedly that he will pay all the taxes he owes. He could not get any response from the IRS nor did the judge, prosecutor, or anyone else inform him why his ministry was not exempt from taxes as are hundreds of thousands of similar organizations. Therefore, he spends ten years in the Big House. That’s where they send killers, traitors, rapists, child molesters, armed robbers, and other Very Bad Guys.

Well, not always. If you are a celebrity entertainer, liberal politician, or sports figure, you can usually get probation; only a slap on the wrists. Sometimes a fine.

Note that Senator Ted Kennedy, while driving drunk, with a young women in his car, drove off a bridge and swam away leaving her to die a slow death as she used what oxygen was available. Justice? He is sitting in the U.S. Senate and some fools take him seriously while Kent Hovind sits in prison.

Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank, an admitted pervert, confirmed that his Washington apartment had been used as a callboy headquarters by a male prostitute for a year and a half until late 1987. So, Barney’s lover-boy was using his apartment as a callboy ring to make a little money on the side. Barney did not go to jail, did not lose his seat in Congress. I’m not sure if he passed go and collected $200.00. Maybe his lover can tell us that. However, Kent Hovind sits in prison while Barney sits in Congress making laws that you are expected to obey.

The late Massachusetts Congressman Studds plied a sixteen-year-old male page with liquor and seduced him, and tried to seduce two other male pages. After admitting his seduction of the male page and taking him on an 18-day trip to Europe (where they had sex every two days) Studds was reelected to Congress 6 times! He didn’t spend a day in court or jail! He sat in Congress but Kent Hovind sits in prison.

Would it be all right if I pointed out that when Republican Congressman Foley admitted to sending salacious e-mails to a male page, he was almost drawn and quartered on the Capitol steps. His crime? There was no crime, and the e-mails did not contain any sexually explicit language. Furthermore, there was no indication that Foley had tried to meet with the teenage boy. However, the Florida Congressman was hounded out of office. Foley may be a pervert, and if so, I’m glad he is out of office, but compare his treatment with that of the above proved perverts! It depends on your worldview: Foley was cast as a conservative Republican and Studds and Frank as liberal Democrats!

But it gets worse!

Andrew James of Vermont molested a four-year-old at least ten times, admitted it and walked away with probation and a $22 fine! He had three other convictions and Judge David Howard could have sentenced him to life in prison and a $50,000 fine. The judge is a jerk!

Mark Hulett, a 34-year-old, pled guilty to aggravated sexual assault on the daughter of a friend from the time she was 6 to age 10! The prosecutor asked for 8-20 years in the slammer but Judge Edward Cashman gave him 60 days! That esteemed judge has esteemed rocks in his head.

I could bore you with numerous cases of schoolteachers who took advantage of their position, seduced students, and walked away with probation, although usually the men go to prison and the females go free! And have you noticed that screaming feminists are not demanding equal treatment between male and female predators?

There are recent cases where rapists and killers walk away with probation and Kent Hovind sits in prison for ten years! Folks, there’s gotta be more to it than meets the eye. Your Federal Government wanted to “get” an outspoken Christian and they did. All right, so Kent made a mistake in judgment, and even if he is guilty, don’t sane people think his sentence is excessive? After all, didn’t Kent tell them he would pay any taxes they showed him he owed? Is it possible that they got him, not for taxes, but for religion. The Feds didn’t like his outspoken brand of Christianity.

Yes, Lady Justice is blind, dumb, stupid, and bigoted as is obvious in the case of Dr. Kent Hovind who sits in prison as I write this piece. And if it could happen to him, it could and might happen to you or me. Maybe Bible believing Christians should do as Chinese Christians and keep a small bag packed with personal things waiting for that ominous knock on the door. “We’re from the Federal Government and we’re here to get you.”

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