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Racist Democrats Will Reject Obama!

Published Oct 23, 2008
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It is amazing that educated people don’t fall to the floor holding their sides with laughter, gasping for breath when Obama and McCain pitch their flaky, false, fraudulent visions for America. Democrats think Franklin Roosevelt has returned as the Messiah who will redeem America, reclaim respectability for the party and return them to power. Hysterical Republicans are frantically rearranging the deck chairs and polishing the brass handrails on the floundering GOP while the more astute ones (like me) have jumped overboard.

The only positive in this election year is that the racists will no longer be permitted to label America a racist nation. After all, look at the television programs and movies that feature Blacks as “stars.” And now a half Black candidate has raised millions of dollars and massive crowds in his own support for the Presidency. How could any sane person label us “bigoted,” “prejudiced,” or “racist”?

Of course, opportunists like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Company will continue to peddle their racist snake oil to the gullible but that does not surprise anyone.

Every honest, informed person knows that many Blacks are racists although fools, fanatics, and frauds have told us that only Whites can be racists! However, when more than 90% of Blacks support Obama, of course it is racism.

Polls show that one-third of Democrats have a problem with voting for a Black candidate.

Now there is a new twist: Polls show that one-third of Democrats have a problem with voting for a Black candidate. Obama could be in trouble when people get alone in the voting booth.

Recently a woman my age asked me, “Did you ever think we would see this happening in America?” She was referring to a Black possibly becoming President. I replied, “No, I did not.” However, I was referring to anyone with Obama’s baggage even being nominated for anything: His lying about numerous issues; his support for infanticide; his support for perversion; his radical socialist views; his far left friends and associates; his choice of church membership (former Muslim and then radical, left wing, Black Liberation Theology); his support from terrorists; his socialism and commitment to “spread the wealth”; his involvement with ACORN; his globalism; etc. Surely his advisors are Larry, Curley, and Moe! His candidacy is a bad dream than might become America’s worst nightmare.

At a dinner party a few weeks ago, we were sitting with a couple who were Yellow dog Democrats that we had just met. There were four other couples in the room discussing the election and our dinner partner said something about the election that I agreed with so I said, “You are sure right about that.” Then he said, “I voted for Bill Clinton twice and would vote for him again (I didn’t get to comment on that) but I will never vote for Obama.” As he got up and walked to the restroom, he said, “After all a n*gger is a n*gger is a n*gger (word not spelled out since it would not pass some filters even though I have used it legitimately).

The above Democrat is a racist and may be the only hope the Republicans have of winning. They will not win because McCain is such a good candidate. Whichever candidate wins, he will drive America over the cliff. McCain will take us over at 80 miles per hour and Obama at 100 miles per hour. We will still go over the cliff.

McCain has been spitting in the face of Conservatives for decades and now they are pretending that it has been raining all the time! The only thing McCain has going for him is Sarah Palin who is at least as qualified as the “empty suit” from Chicago. Her record indicates she is an honest, Conservative Christian, a believer in free enterprise, believes in limited government, is willing to oppose Republicans as well as Democrats, etc.

Another Yellow Dog Democrat called into a Chattanooga talk show and said of Palin, “I only hope there are some naked pictures of her out there somewhere.” So the Democrats are scared of her apparent genuineness, honesty, and incorruptibility which may enable her to produce a big surprise on Nov. 4. There is a consensus that McCain’s choice of Sarah was a brilliant ploy since informed Conservatives had given up on him. Evidently McCain’s philosophy was, “A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do and a woman’s got to do what a man can’t do.” She, along with Democrat racists may pull McCain’s chestnuts out of the fire—maybe.

Straining, sweating, climbing, whether he is trying to learn how to use a teleprompter, memorizing his talking points, trying to stop smoking, or straining to keep his wife’s mouth duck taped, Obama struggles to the top of the hill. There, surveying the world at his feet, he puffs out his chest, puts his hands on his hips and discovers that he has forgotten to put on his pants. The Emperor (or Messiah) is naked as a jaybird! Of course, honest people have known that for a few years.

In America, you still have the freedom to vote your conscience (that could change quickly) so vote for whomever; I just voted for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party. Go Chuck Go!

Copyright 2008, Don Boys, Ph.D.

(Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives, author of 13 books, frequent guest on television and radio talk shows, and wrote columns for USA Today for 8 years. His most recent book is ISLAM: America’s Trojan Horse!  These columns go to over 11,000 newspapers, television, and radio stations. His web sites are www.cstnews.com  and www.Muslimfact.com.)

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