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"What's Emerging from the Emergent Church?"

Published Aug 22, 2009
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This sermon just touches on the widespread heresies that are part of the Emergent Church movement and how easily some of this “thinking” can spill over into Fundamental Baptist circles. I have a series of 12 articles on the Emergent Church on this web site packed with information regarding this subject.

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Ross Whetson
Jan 12, 2010 11:13pm [ 1 ]

Why don’t we study the Jesuits??

Obama is no accident.

He is our judgment for rebellion against Jesus Christ.

Too many “believers” are in adulterous marriages.

Too many of us are in bed with the world.

Too many of us use *babylonian bibles. *Not capitalized on purpose.

Too many of us want “entertainment” rather that doctrine.

As a Viet Nam vet, I saw what rome and her handlers the “society of jesus” did over there.

The dope, the “anti war” entertainment” the “restricted” rules of engagement.

I highly recommend we expose these murderers or they will make short work of us, if it is not already too late.

David Emme
Jan 22, 2010 1:44pm [ 2 ]

On another place on this website, it is mentioned that most often many who are against Emergent philosophy hardly scratch the surface on what the true issues are. In about the first half hour of this sermon Brother Boys hits on just about all that is wrong with emergent thought. If one is familiar with the teachings and phraseology of the “emergent church” one will see that this brother is well studied. Nothing comes out which is erroneous in all the resources he brings to bare. Listen to this sermon and listen again!

Good job Bro.

Jesus of Nazareth
May 21, 2019 5:17pm [ 3 ]

Being gay is not a choice but being stupid and hateful is referring to Don Boys. Where has he done his research with all the lies about homosexuals? Is he hiding the fact that he is one himself. In most cases the most affected hateful behavior stems from such people who are homosexuals themselves; they try to hide it. Gas account for 20 percent of the population, including those who hide their sexual orientation and those who don’t. Jesus said “thou shalt not judge”, “love your neighbor as yourself” and “let ye not cast the first stone unless ye are without sin. Is Don sin less? If not, let him not speak on behalf of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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