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Why Are Evolutionists so Mean-Spirited? Part 3

Published Jun 22, 2005
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You don’t think evolutionists are mean? Talk to professors in various universities who have “come out of the closet” opposing Darwin’s gradualism and have been scorned, ridiculed, and even fired for exercising their academic freedom. Talk to those who have been refused a Ph.D. because they rejected evolution. Those same university officials speak of pluralism, fairness, and diversity; and it’s a wonder they don’t gag on their words.

Dr. John Patterson of Iowa State University delivered a speech before the Iowa Academy of Sciences in which he suggested that creationists should lose their faculty contracts and even their degrees! What a bigot, but then bigots are as easy to find in a secular university as a bowling ball in a bathtub.

Is it any wonder that some scientists are fearful of questioning Darwin when bigots such as Patterson are in positions of power?

Another example is found in Nature, written by A. T. J. Hayward: “There are more anti-Darwinists in British universities than you seem to realize. Among them is a friend of mine who holds a chair in a department of pure science….If his friends ask why he keeps quiet about his unorthodox views, he replies in words like those used recently in another connection by Professor Ian Roxburgh: ‘There is a powerful establishment and a belief system. There are power seekers and career men, and if someone challenges the establishment he should not expect a sympathetic hearing.’…The majority of biologists accept the prevailing view uncritically–just as a great many competent Russian biologists were once brainwashed into accepting Lysenko’s quackery. Others have thought for themselves and came to realize the flaws in contemporary Darwinism. But for them to speak out would be to invite ridicule and would probably ruin their careers.” There is an example of prejudice so strong that truth and scholarship are the victims, but none dare call it censorship.

Dr. Henry Morris knew of the mistreatment of creationists at Virginia Tech:  “I have known students who have failed courses, and some who have been denied admission to graduate school or have been hindered from obtaining their degrees, largely for this very reason. When I was on the faculty of Virginia Tech, a professor who was on the graduate faculty there in the Biology Department told me that he would never approve a Ph.D. degree for any student known to be a creationist in his department, even if that student made straight A’s in all his courses, turned in an outstanding research dissertation for his Ph.D., and was thoroughly familiar with all the evidence for evolution.”

A good example of the above took place at the University of Arizona where Clifford Burdick, a creationist, was doing doctoral research, and some of his discoveries conflicted with the religion of evolution. When his work came to the attention of the Powers-That-Be at the university, he was refused his doctor’s degree. Wonder what happened to academic freedom? Forget it if you are a creationist. The unwritten university law is, you can research how evolution happened but not whether it happened!

Do you wonder why evolutionists are so bitter, mean, and cruel toward creationists? They hate our God. They know we are a challenge to their fairy tale (and their jobs), and they know creationism has better answers to the questions of where life came from and how it got here, than does evolution. They prefer to ignore us rather than to look at the evidence because they are afraid of what they might see. Their minds are as closed as a miser’s wallet.

One honest evolutionist, Dr. W. Scot Morrow, alluded to this attitude when he wrote the foreword for Creation’s Tiny Mystery by Robert Gentry: “If I were to follow the unwritten, but commonly understood guidelines laid down by my fellow evolutionists, many of whom are agnostics like myself, when presented with a book written by a fundamentalist Christian on the topic of ‘creation,’ I would ignore the work. Of course, I might kick over the traces a bit, skim through the thing quickly–one MUST be fair, you know–and then give the document a decent quiet burial in the nearest wastebasket. After all, those among us who have brains in our head instead of rocks…know that (1) science and religion are immiscible, (2) true scientists cannot be creationists, (3) creationists cannot be scientific, let alone scientists, (4) the last factor is doubled and redoubled–in spades–for fundamentalists.”

Morrow takes a deft swat at his bigoted colleagues with a not-too-subtle use of sarcasm. He is telling us what most evolutionists would do with a book written by a creationist. They would not treat it seriously or fairly or honestly. It sounds as if he is saying that they are biased, bogus, and bigoted. But surely not.

Gentry built a case for a younger Earth (than demanded by evolutionists) in Creation’s Tiny Mystery which resulted in the loss of his research grants and his job–thanks to the bigots and champions of academic freedom!

Evolutionists are mean because they, like everyone are born in sin and need a Savior. They put their positions before principle, and attack anyone who challenges their philosophy/religion of evolution. But then we know that they attack us rather than answer us because they don’t have the answers. No wonder they are mean-spirited.

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