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What About Dinosaurs? Part 1

Published May 20, 2005
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What about dinosaurs? Everyone wants to know about those strange creatures that once roamed the earth; some say dominated the earth for millions of years. Well, we know for sure that whatever creatures live today or lived in the past, were created by God.

John 1:3 tells us, “All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made.” Well, that settles it: Snakes, spiders and snails; roaches, rats, and raccoons; men, monkeys, and magpies; dogs, ducks, and dinosaurs—God did it all.

A great many people seem to think that dinosaurs never existed, that they are a ploy used by evolutionists to confuse those of us who believe, “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.” Well-educated people, even some with M.D.s and Ph.D.s have suggested to me that maybe dinosaurs were not real creatures that walked the earth.

But dinosaurs were real creatures, with the first bones being assembled in 1841. Dinosaur means, “terrible lizard.” The largest dinosaur skeleton was found in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and it was 150 feet long and would have weighed about 100 tons! Can you believe that a living creature was so huge? Fourteen school buses stacked on top of the other would weigh about the same as that dinosaur! When that big boy stepped on you, he really made an impression, a deep impression.

Yes, dinosaurs actually did live, but the key question is: When did they live? Another interesting question is how did they die? Dinosaur remains are usually found in large numbers in the same location. Question: Why would living creatures go to the same spot to die? That does not happen in the real world, but it does in the make-believe world of evolution. We know that old elephants go to their graveyards to die, but very young, strong, healthy ones do not. When dinosaur bones are unearthed, they are almost always found with others. They all seem to die the same way at the same time! Could it be that they were drowned in the global Flood of Genesis about 4500 years ago?

Evolutionists dare not accept that as fact because it leaves room for the possibility of God. If God destroyed the world with a global Flood as recorded in Genesis 7 then He could destroy the world again with fire as recorded in II Peter 3:7. And if God exists, it means that accountability is coming some day for all of us—including evolutionists.

It also means that what evolutionists have been teaching students for more than a hundred years is false, and they will, if they have character, resign their tenured positions at the universities and get an honest job driving a truck, selling cars or whatever.

Yes, paleontology indicates that dinosaurs lived, not millions of years ago, but very recently. They died, for the most part, in the world flood, and their bones are often found buried together after a common death at a young age.

Dinosaurs are not a ploy of evolutionists to confuse creationists. They are a fact of science and a creation of God. We need to face evolutionists with some shocking facts about dinosaurs and demand some answers. We will provide some of those questions and some answers in following articles.

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Glen Campbell
May 22, 2014 8:26am [ 1 ]

Hi Don. Did the dinosaurs really die out with the flood. You know there be many references about them in most post-flood cultures of the world . Especially the Middle East & China. And what of Noah. Did he not take two of every animal after their kind so they could repopulate the earth. So I am sure that he had a few baby dinosaurs tucked away in the ark somewhere, don’t you think? Perhaps they were hunted into extinction. Or maybe environmental changes & food supply finished them off. Anyway food for thought. The legacy of the dinosaur. Still so much to be studied & learned.

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