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Evolutionary Icons Have Fallen!

Published Oct 21, 2005
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The Chattanooga Times Free Press liberal page rejected Intelligent Design being taught in the classrooms and suggested that evolution is “well supported by empirical and rigorously documented scientific evidence accumulated over many years.” Ah yes, “rigorously documented scientific evidence!” Evolution is about as scientific as a voodoo rooster plucking ceremony in Haiti—almost. I assume the writer is  uninformed as to what has happened to evolutionary icons, so let me enlighten him while I assume   my readers have a basic understanding of the discredited and fallen icons.

Ernst Haeckel was a fanatic biological evolutionist (contemporary of Darwin) who believed in his cockamamie embryonic recapitulation theory  so strongly that he faked evidence to support it! Stephen Gould said that Haeckel “exerted more influence than the works of any other scientist, including Darwin and Huxley”! Haeckel was tried and found guilty in a university court in Jena, but did not lose his position as professor! Had he been a creationist, he would have been crucified on the college green! He pled that the discrepancies were the fault of the artist without confessing that he was the artist! Haeckel had credentials but no character, and intelligence but no integrity.

Haeckel’s “theory” has been discredited for almost a hundred years, but there are still a few poorly trained (or very naive) scientists who use the recapitulation theory to support evolution! The theory has been watered and manured for more than a hundred years by incompetent and inept scientists who have lost the ability to blush.

Vestigial organs are another icon of evolution that no informed evolutionist espouses. This theory holds that about 200 organs in man are leftovers from “our evolutionary past”; however, informed scientists now know that that was a very dangerous, damaging, and deadly theory since hundreds of thousands of children over the last hundred years had their tonsils, adenoids, appendixes, etc., removed by surgeons who were taught that those organs were unnecessary. Until recent years, the purpose of those organs was unknown, but there is a huge difference in unknown and unnecessary. Now we know they are necessary for a strong immune system! Dummies!

Then there is the horse series that is still displayed in almost every evolutionary text from grade school through university level. The series of different sized horses  was supposed to show “straight line evolution” in action as one saw the development of the horse from the very smallest creature (that scientists now think was not a horse) to the largest horses alive today. Alas, it “never happened in nature,” as famous evolutionist G. G. Simpson admitted. Honest and informed evolutionists are trying to pull that sketch from the textbooks with limited success because the editors of each new text copy from the last edition. And on and on it goes.

Every evolutionist has talked endlessly about the famous peppered moths of England said to be one of “the most striking evolutionary change ever actually witnessed in any organism.” It was one of the best proofs of “evolution in action”; but alas, now we know the truth. The photos of the moths on lower tree trunks were not taken in nature but the moths were glued to the trees for the photos! Furthermore, the moths do not land on vertical tree trunks but high in the trees underneath protective branches. Down falls another icon.

After evolutionists admit they made fools of themselves by promoting cockamamie theories to shore up their religion of evolution, they should admit they cannot provide the answers to the beginning of life; the Cambrian explosion;  design of the universe; the absence of transitional fossils;  the anomalies in the geologic column; inaccuracies in radiometric dating;  why evolution suddenly stopped; how males and females evolved at the same location and time in history; where the principles of the scientific laws came from and did they come before or after the “big bang”? Furthermore, what was the catalyst for the big bang? And where did the cosmic egg (that allegedly exploded) come from? Maybe the cosmic chicken laid it?

I’m running out of space so I can’t deal with the many frauds perpetrated by desperate scientists to support their religious theory. In my Evolution: Fact, Fraud, or Faith? I  wrote about Piltdown Man, Nebraska Man, Java Man, and other frauds. When we bring up those subjects evolutionists get as uncomfortable as a dog in hot ashes.

The only people who believe in the gradualism of Darwin are deceived people, fools, half-wits, and college professors who are paid for teaching it. I am shocked that any educated, honest person confesses to believe in the fairy tale of evolution. The evolutionist is like a blind man in a dark basement looking for a black cat that isn’t there. So sad. But none dare call it quackery!

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