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Evolution: None Dare Call it Quackery!

Published Jul 22, 2005
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Evolution is a fraud and people who believe it are fools, and people are fanatics who continue to believe it after looking at the facts!

Evolution is pure quackery and purveyors of this foolishness should be branded as quacks. They are phony intellectuals (and a Ph.D. doesn’t add credibility to a phony) and venders of ancient mythologies resurrected from ancient Greece.

Evolution is a fraud and people who believe it are fools, and people are fanatics who continue to believe it after looking at the facts! It is difficult to believe that there are intelligent people who believe that everything you see, feel, or smell came from, are you ready–nothing! They tell us that it is ignorant for Christians to believe that a sovereign God created everything out of nothing; however, it is very reasonable to believe that nothing created everything out of nothing! Let me get this straight: they expect me to believe that nothing became something somehow someway at sometime! A person who takes that position has not drunk long from the well of wisdom. In fact, he hasn’t even gargled. But  none dare call it quackery! 

No wonder two-thirds of Americans believe that God created man and more than that believe scientific creationism should be taught along with evolution in the public schools. Even though evolutionists have been in control of public schools for over 50 years, the public believes that evolution is not true science but religion, as do many leading evolutionists!

Some examples: Renowned astronomer Robert Jastrow concluded that one “must start with faith whether as an evolutionist or a creationist.”      

Colin Patterson, senior paleontologist at the British Museum of Natural History: “Just as pre-Darwinism biology was carried out by people whose faith was in the Creator and His plan, post-Darwinian biology is being carried out by people whose faith is in, almost, the deity of Darwin.” Patterson also said: “We all believe as an article of faith that life evolved from dead matter on this planet.” He is saying that man started as dirt, and you know, there is a sense in which he is correct!

Heribert Nillson: “The idea of an evolution rests on pure belief!” That’s religion!

Harold Urey:   “We all believe as an article of faith that life evolved from dead matter on this planet.”

L.H. Matthews:  “it forms a satisfactory faith.”

Richard Dawkins confessed in a New Scientist article that evolution was “an object of genuinely religious devotion.” And Dick is their anointed high priest!

Any evolutionist who is not familiar with the above famous evolutionary scientists should run, not walk to resign his position and take up truck driving for a living. At least he will be earning an honest living rather than corrupting the pliable minds of young students with his cultic religion of evolution.

Evolution is science fiction and a religious cult that doesn’t require church attendance, godly living, or tithing. It also has no holidays although most evolutionists get all aquiver on the anniversary of the founding of the ACLU. (I must remind you that the founder of the ACLU was a Communist jailbird!)

Evolutionists beat the drums for the “scientific method” that is an orderly method (used by scientists to solve problems) in which a recognized problem is subjected to thorough investigation, and the resulting facts and observations are analyzed, formulated into a hypothesis, and subjected to verification by means of experiments and further observation. However, while evolutionists promote the method, they butcher the process.

Last week, USA Today quoted a Ph.D. in support of evolution as he boasted of “testable hypotheses” and “repeated experiments,” but since origins are no longer taking place such ambitions cannot be realized. There is no way to scientifically explore this issue. In other words, evolutionists are running on faith! Sounds like religion to me. And when you oppose their religion, you will realize what religious fanatics evolution-ists are. 

The above Ph.D. said that “scientists like very much to prove each other wrong;” however, that desire does not extend to proving Darwin wrong! Evolutionary scientists, who are not supposed to rule anything out, refuse to consider the remote possibility that Chuck Darwin fired a blank in 1859. Evolutionists are willing to talk about when evolution took place and where it took place but not whether it took place. Yet, none dare call it quackery!

Darwinism is a sacred cow that needs to be butchered and made into hamburger.

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Jeffrey Robinson
Jan 13, 2010 5:46pm [ 1 ]

a string of ad homenin attacks followed by “please keep it civil?”

No example of any solid sort, of course, per usual. Just rant, rant, rant, without even bothering to research the responses to these oh-so-typical arguments.

but what to expect from a support of the intellectual giant and moral standard, Kent Hovind?

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