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Should Blacks Have Special Privileges? Part 2

Published Feb 22, 2005
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My position has always been that minorities should have the same rights (and responsibilities) that I have. It is incredible that any fair-minded person, especially a Christian, would think otherwise. But, it works both ways: there should be no special treatment for any special group.

The U.S. Government is the biggest purveyor of discrimination with state governments coming in second. You don’t think so? Well, who else has assigned children to schools based on their race? Who else has bussed little kids across cities to achieve a racial balance? Who else demands preferential treatment in hiring and promotion of minorities?

Columnist Pat Buchanan wrote of the racial fanatics in the federal government: “These civil rights zealots view themselves as angels of light to root out the vestiges of sexism and racism from American life. They are viewed otherwise, however, by their victims, the Italian, Irish, Jewish, Polish, Greek, Slovak and WASP teachers, professors, police and working men who pay for this federal altruism in delayed promotion and lost jobs [who] see these bureaucrats not as heroes, but oppressors.”

Affirmative action has created havoc in business and education. When I was administrator of a large Christian school in Indianapolis, race was not a factor in accepting students or in hiring staff. And some of our finest families were Black. No one ever asked for special treatment except some of my white friends. (They didn’t get it.)

What self-respecting Black wants special treatment because he happens to be black? That is not American, not Christian, and not good business. Only havoc and chaos will result from such insanity.

I reported in my first book, Liberalism: A Rope of Sand, of a reporter who entered a third grade classroom of a black lady who was hired under federally ordered hiring quotas. The reporter pointed to a child and asked the teacher if she found him to be passive much of the day. The teacher only stared at the reporter. The question was repeated but again, no answer. The reporter then gently asked if she knew what the word “passive” meant. The teacher, a graduate of an illustrious Eastern college, admitted she did not know the meaning of the word!

A member of the New York Board of Regents admitted, “There are teachers now being hired by, and presently working in, the New York City School System who do not know how to write a decent paragraph and would have trouble reading and understanding the daily newspaper.”

It is a crime to inflict such teachers on innocent, needy children. It is also unfair to put teachers in places where they are obviously unprepared.

The New York Times quoted the former president of the school supervisors’ union as saying Hispanic teachers “who could barely read or write English” had been made school principals “because traditional supervisory licensing examinations have been abolished as discriminatory.”

Where will this lunacy end? Will Blacks and other minorities be given a pilot’s license without a test because the exam is too tough? Will you ride with such a pilot? I suggest it is as criminal to put an incompetent teacher in the classroom as an incompetent pilot in the cockpit of a crowded airplane. The crackup only takes longer to see in the school.

Albert Shanker, former president of the United Federation of Teachers, said concerning teachers who were unable to read or write, “We have lowered standards to a point where a significant number came in below the literacy line.”

I have no problem with special programs to help more Blacks go to college, although everyone (Black or White) doesn’t need to go to college! I have no problem with trying to hire more minorities in the work place. The problem arises when race or sex is used to decide who gets hired. If a Black is better qualified than I then he should be my boss. That goes without saying.

Admitting students to college on the basis of race or hiring and promoting because of race is as unreasonable as demanding that 80% of the players on college and professional basketball teams be white regardless of ability! Don’t you think it is about time we accept people for what they are and not what color or sex they happen to be? I thought that is what America is all about.

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