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Should Christians Be in the Military?

Published Oct 23, 2005

Well that is one question I never thought I would seriously ask. During the 1960s I was very critical of the cowards who fled to Canada to escape the draft, and had some sympathy toward those who stayed in the U.S. and “faced the music.” Others served in non-combat roles. But those days are behind us. We live in a different day with different problems.
The early Christians took the position that Christians must not hold any high government office, be a judge or serve in the military! Origen said, “You cannot demand military service of Christians any more than you can of priests.”
Hippolytus said that a soldier would not receive baptism, and a proconsul or civic magistrate would have to resign in order to be baptized.
Of course, the early church was wrong about many things, but that was their position on serving in the military. Generally, it is an unscriptural position. Bible Christians are not pacifists. There is a time to fight for one’s country. But circumstances have changed again.
I would not want my grandsons or granddaughters to serve in the military for the following reasons: Women should not be in the military in any event, so I don’t want my granddaughters there. But I also don’t want my grandsons serving in a military where males and females live in the same barracks and tents.
We have witnessed the growing scandal of sexual activity in the military where those of higher ranks use their positions to force sex upon younger, inexperienced personnel. They face all kinds of sexual temptations, so why make it more difficult for them?
I don’t want my grandchildren serving in the military because perversion is accepted and tolerated. No normal young person should be forced to live in close quarters with perverts.
I don’t want my grandchildren being forced to wear the uniform of the United Nations to implement the New World Order that is approaching. The military take an oath to the Constitution of the United States, not to an international organization.
I don’t want my grandchildren to have to make a decision whether they will obey an order to disarm U.S. citizens who refuse to surrender their weapons. After all, my grandkids might be forced to order me to surrender my guns!
The U.S. military has gone the way of our society. When the older officers retire and the younger, less disciplined ones are in control, watch out. It’s Katie Bar the Door.
But what about during times of national emergency when everyone is needed to protect our “way of life?” I will still take this position! I had no choice in the silly, stupid, decisions made in recent years about the military, but I will use my influence to keep young people from being exposed to the cruds in the service.
God help America. Our best days are behind us and a nightmare is ahead of us.

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