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Did President Bush Insult the Pope?

Published Nov 22, 2007
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Recently President Bush had an audience with Pope Benedict and referred to him as “sir” instead of “your Excellency.” Some have accused Bush of being impolite, insensitive, if not insulting; however, I think he simply spoke to him as he would have to any other man. And what’s wrong with that?  I have more respect for the man who delivers my newspaper than I have for the Pope—and I am not mad, mean, or malicious.

The suggestion is that Bush insulted the Pope by refusing to recognize his lofty position, but that does not comport with the Presidents exchanges with other dignitaries. You may remember that he has hugged many world leaders when real men don’t hug other men except very close, long-time friends. Normally a handshake will suffice. Furthermore, you may remember his meeting with  Prince Bandar of the House of Saud who visited him at his ranch and the prince took his hand as they walked through the tulips, cacti or whatever. That was very unbecoming for a Texan (or any man).
We are told that men in Muslim nations hold hands; however, Bush should have told the prince that he was not a Muslim and they were in America not Saudi Arabia. He should have said, “Don’t mean any disrespect Prince but in America, real men don’t walk hand-in-hand.” Of course, many people have charged that Bush I and II have been in bed with the royal family for decades—to the financial benefit of the House of Bush and the House of Saud. 
Bush didn’t want to offend the prince, but I get so weary of constant pandering by politicians, preachers, and pundits to all things Muslim. Why must Americans capitulate and even pander to Muslims? Why are we so fearful that they may be offended? Why not be an American and if they don’t like it, they can go back to the Arabian Peninsula? I would not insult anyone and all kinds of people have a right to follow their customs and be true to their culture. But I am not Muslim. I am not Arab. I am not European. I am an American, and I would like for people from other cultures to be sensitive to me for a change especially while in the land of my birth and taking advantage of the good things our nation provides.
When President Bush the First was in Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War, he was told by Saudi officials not to say grace during the Thanksgiving Day meal with American troops! Our troops were there to keep Saudi Arabia from being invaded by their Muslim pal in Iraq, and they gave our President orders about praying before a meal! Bush had dinner on a ship in international waters. I think he should have prayed anyway, loudly, and in the name of Jesus of Nazareth who died and rose again on the third day. But then, Bush the First always did need a spinal transplant!
Should Bush II totally forget and forgive the millions of people slaughtered by the Roman Catholic Church over the centuries? How can he respect a man, just a man, who occupies the office held by some of the most depraved men of all time? Some Popes have been very decent and others very decadent. All have been cultic.
I would further remind you that Pope Benedict (in his past life) was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican body formerly known as the Inquisition. That organization killed hundreds of thousands of erring Catholics, Jews, Muslims, independents, Anabaptists, etc. Those people were tortured and murdered because the Roman Catholic Church believed that salvation came via them alone!
The Associated Press, on September 9, 2000 revealed the above fact: “On relations with Protestant churches, Ratzinger said the goal was to unite Christianity in a single faith with Catholics taking the lead. ‘We as Catholics are convinced that such a single church exists in its basic form in the Catholic Church,’” And many “Protestants” are rushing back to Rome; however, they can go but I’m not going.
Some would say, “But, President Bush should have had respect for the office even if he had no respect for the present Pope.” No, that dog won’t hunt. How can someone respect an office that has been occupied by some of the most depraved people who ever lived?
Chaucer agreed in noting a predilection of Roman Catholic leaders, “for good food and bad women….”  Historians have written reams about incredibly wicked Popes who turned the Vatican into a brothel, committed incest with daughters, and one who even took his mother to wife! There were numerous bastard Popes who installed their own bastard sons on the papal throne. John XII, who reigned from 955 to 963, ascended to the papacy at age 19, was accused of sleeping with his father’s mistress, committing incest with his niece, and castrating a deacon. Respect that office?
Unlike Bush, I would have given Pope Benedict 15 minutes of my time as I explained the way of salvation to him ending with “Salvation is in Christ, alone, based on the Bible alone.” And, walking out of his office I would have said, “I’ll be praying for you Ben.”

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Jim King
Jul 13, 2008 3:52pm [ 1 ]

Right on! We minister in the largest catholic country in the world (Brazil) and see the idolatry of the pope of Rome close up. Last month an idol representing Mary was brought to town and the whole town stopped as people bowed down to worship! the queen of Heaven.”

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