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Don't Spend Money; Stop Sinners Instead!

Published Nov 25, 2007
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AIDS is a plague of disgrace and death—and must be stopped.

It is cultural and moral suicide to make perversion acceptable, legal, and normal. The AIDS epidemic indicates that national morality has broken its mooring and drifted into a miasmic swamp, producing disease, degeneracy, and death. This immorality is no longer simply a theological and moral discussion. AIDS is a plague of disgrace and death—and must be stopped.

However, it won’t be stopped by politicians throwing tax dollars down a research rat hole. Stopping this plague will require aggressive action by officials who prefer to stand around wringing their hands. Hand-wringing has not proved effective against the AIDS virus.

Bubonic plague killed one-fourth of the population of Europe in the 1300s and ultimately killed 60 million people. Is it irresponsible to view AIDS as having a similar potential?

The Indianapolis Star said editorially that AIDS could kill 262 million in the USA by 2000. The editorial added the AIDS “dangers parallel those of a nuclear attack.” That it does.

Science magazine called AIDS a “sword of Damocles” that hangs over all our heads. The article suggested, “the only way to halt AIDS is to stop the sexual promiscuity that spreads it.” Right on target.

But politicians—afraid of the homosexual lobby—don’t want to admit that AIDS is doubling each year because irresponsible men have brutish sexual habits that are an attack on society. And sodomites demand that I fund the research that would produce a cure enabling them to continue their degrading practices!

How do we stop the plague?

*States should make sodomy illegal again. While laws won’t eliminate evil, they will remove the respectability sodomites so desperately desire.

*All bathhouses and porn shops should be closed as health hazards.

*All blood donors should be tested for AIDS. [Now being done.]

*Infected homosexuals should be required to provide a list of sexual partners to public health officials (with limited immunity from prosecution). [Now being promoted.]

*Sodomites should be prosecuted—for manslaughter, at least—if they have sex with someone who later gets AIDS.

I can’t help those who have contracted AIDS, but I can solve the problem for others: God’s plan is for each man to have one woman—his wife—for a lifetime, and be faithful to her. God’s plan still works.

We are constantly told how successful homosexuals are; let them fund their own research. After all, they are the catalyst for this deadly disease, and I resent paying for perversion.

When you play, you have to pay. But I should not have to pay when YOU play.

Copyright 2005, Don Boys, Ph.D. (originally published in 1988)

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