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Can a Jewish Rabbi be a Bigot?

Published May 15, 2006

A liberal Indianapolis rabbi accused Bible-believing Christians of having “all the answers,” asserting that if we believe in a particular God, “then all your problems will be solved.” Well, we don’t have all the answers, but the Bible does contain all the necessary principles to solve all our personal problems! The problem is: People do not know the Bible; or if they know it, they don’t practice its principles.

The rabbi then attacked the President of the Southern Baptist Convention who said that God doesn’t hear the prayers of an unbeliever. That, said the rabbi, is what “leads to the gas chambers.” Come now, surely he knows that that is not the truth—literally or figuratively. If that was not demagoguery, I have never heard it.
That Baptist preacher was simply saying what the Bible teaches, and it was unfortunate that he was intimidated by the uproar that followed his statement. God hears any prayer, as far as knowing it was uttered, but He answers only those prayers asked in the name of Christ. Since I am not in a popularity contest, I don’t care whether the rabbi agrees or not.
The ultra-liberal rabbi said that it is dangerous when “They try to…force an entire culture to bend one way.” The rabbi is making me weary with such nonsense. Evidently he is aware that active Christians are on the electoral horizon, and it gives him the chills. Well, he can chill away, for we are here to stay. Do you think the day could come when an active, godly, Bible-believing Christian might even occupy the White House? (Even that possibility will harelip every ACLU director across the nation.)
I have been identified with the New Right movement for many years and was elected to the Indiana House of Representatives as an outspoken Christian. Other Christians are in political office and more are getting involved each year. We have decided that we will not surrender to liberals by default. But I have never seen any force used to get our ideas across to people, since the facts will defeat liberals who are not the best thinkers in the world. Obviously that is a correct statement since liberals have supported killing unborn babies, men living with men, support for criminals instead of the victims, affirmative action (racism), bussing  (insanity), big government, open borders, animal rights, etc. I rest my case on liberals being poor thinkers. (Maybe they are non-thinkers.)
Surely the esteemed rabbi didn’t mean to say that the legitimate, constitutional, intelligent exchange of ideas between opposing views is “forcing an entire culture to bend one way.” Surely a rabbi could not be so narrow-minded, could he? Does he believe that we Conservative Christians have a right to debate the issues with liberals? Do we have the right to take our ideas to the public for consideration? Do we have the right to support those politicians who agree with our views and seek to defeat those who disagree with us? Do we have the right to run for political office, or must we surrender our constitutional rights? In other words, is there a dual system, one for liberals and one for Bible Conservatives?
Isn’t it strange that Malcolm Boyd, Martin Luther King, Jr., William Sloane Coffin, Jim Jones, (remember the darling of liberal Democrats who got his start in Indianapolis), the Berrigan Boys, the National Council of Churches and other radical religionists could use their positions and churches to further  radical causes and nobody complained (from the Lunatic Left)? Those of us who disagreed with those activities were considered morally retarded. Remember those days? Did the rabbi come to our defense? No, because he is a hypocrite and religious bigot!

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