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Bush Should be Kicked Out of His Church!

Published Nov 26, 2007
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George Bush should be removed from membership in his church! I voted for George Bush and have supported many of his positions; however, recently I realized that if I were his pastor, I would have no choice but to confront his heresy and unchristian living, request his repentance and if he refused, have him voted out of our membership!

His pastor should demand such a meeting (with Mr. and Mrs. Bush without Rove, Card, or Secret Service people) and state: “Mr. Bush, we have been honored to have you and Laura as members of our church; however, your Christian life has been called into question and must be dealt with. Many people may agree or disagree with your huge democrat-like spending programs; your massive failure to deal with the immigration time bomb; your drug prescription legislation that very well may bankrupt this nation; etc.  Good people will disagree over those positions, but I am obligated to deal with you as a brother in Christ and a member of our church, and cannot show you any favoritism because of your position.”

The pastor then should remind them that when they joined the church they knew that they preached the Bible and expected members to live according to Biblical precepts;

The pastor then should remind them that when they joined the church they knew that they preached the Bible and expected members to live according to Biblical precepts; however, the President failed to live an exemplary life as evidenced by the following:

*He gave succor to Islam when he made a statement that no informed Christian could make. He told the leader of Turkey that they both believe in “the Almighty.” Then when a reporter asked him if the God of Islam was the same as the God of Christianity, Bush replied: “I believe we worship the same God.” The pastor should say, “Sir, your education is deficient and your advisors have failed you. Don’t you know that Muslims worship the pagan moon god, Allah? Any good encyclopedia or common history book could settle that in a few minutes of research. You embarrass all Christians when you don’t speak the truth about spiritual things. If you don’t know, don’t speak.”  

*Bush repudiated the Christian faith on Good Morning America when Charles Gibson asked: “Do Christians and non-Christians and Muslims go to heaven in your mind?” The President replied: “Yes, they do. We have different routes of getting there.” That is heresy and any Bible-believing pastor would be forced to challenge him on that reply.  Acts 4:12 clearly says, “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Is Bush trying to re-write the Word of God? Is political correctness more important than truth?

*Bush also showed his universalism in Houston when he said: “I don’t talk about a particular faith. I believe the Lord can work through many faiths, whether it be the Christian faith, the Jewish faith, Muslim faith, Hindu faith. When I speak of faith, I speak of all faiths, because there is a universal call, and that main universal call is to love your neighbor. It extends throughout all faith.” Bush’s reply denigrated the Bible and denounced millions of faithful Christians who died for their faith in Christ down through the centuries. Christ clearly said, “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” Religion saves no one. Christ can save anyone.

*Bush blasphemed God when he said  at the Islamic Center of Washington that the “Koran is God’s word.” However, the Koran is a mishmash of convoluted Jewish and Christian teachings mixed with paganism. It is filled with hatred and has numerous scientific and Biblical mistakes, yet Bush called it “God’s Word.”

*Bush is a member of  the secret Skull and Crossbones Society and has refused to resign. He has joined with unbelievers and even vowed obedience and loyalty to them. His pastor should say, “You cannot remain a member of this church and be a member of any secret society.”
*President Bush honored the obscene rocker Ozzy Osbourne at the White House, (May 4, 2002)  when he said: “The thing about Ozzy is he’s made a lot of big hit recordings-Party With the Animals, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Face in Hell, Black Skies, and Bloodbath in Paradise. Ozzy, Mom loves your stuff.” Bush did the nation and especially young Americans an incredible  disservice by making such a statement. He must repent of that publicly and repudiate the obscene lyrics of the songs mentioned.
*Bush has continued the pro-homosexual policies of Bill Clinton, in making a moral wrong, a legal right, but it only transfers labels. Then he appointed an openly homo-sexual ambassador to Romania who had his lover move in with him in the official residence. How can such appointments be justified by his faith in Christ? Bush even supported homosexual civil unions and other pro-homosexual positions. But it gets worse. He also appointed Scott Evertz, a homosexual to be director of the White House Office of National AIDS Policy; then promoted him to a more lofty position,  replacing him with another  homosexual! No Christian could justify such actions.

*Bush’s use of vulgar language cannot be tolerated. According to Time (3-23-03) he told three U.S. Senators (and then National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice), “F**k Saddam. We’re taking him out!” Before his election, Bush called the Wall Street Journal’s Al Hunt  a “f–ing son of a bitch” in a Dallas restaurant in the presence of his wife and 4-year old son! The President also said (into a live microphone) that New York Times reporter Adam Clymer  was a “major-league a—hole.” Evidently Mr. Bush, doesn’t know that Christians don’t talk that way and even non-Christian gentlemen don’t talk that way in the presence of ladies. Eph. 4:29 commands “Let no corrupt communication proceed from your mouth.” That is a command of God to the President of the U.S. as it is to the lowliest member of his church.  The pastor should say, “Even if you are sorry for those sins, they must be confessed to our church so our youth and the general public will understand that Christians don’t talk that way, not even the President of the United States. You sir, are not an exception.”
*Mrs. Bush, is not totally innocent either after her shameful performance at the correspondence dinner. It was bad enough that she gave credibility to the vile television show, Desperate Housewives,  but she waded deep in the sewer with her “joke” about her husband masturbating a male horse while trying to “milk” it. (New York Times, 5-3-05.)
All right, that’s enough. I could go on and on and on. Everyone knows Bush will not  stand at the church altar sobbing uncontrollably, confessing, as did another head of state thousands of years ago: “Have mercy upon me , O God…blot out my transgressions. Wash me thoroughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin….Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” And I will be painted as a sanctimonious Bible-thumper, but so be it.

Bush’s pastor does not have the moral courage to call for Bush’s repentance, but what is shocking, even alarming is that fundamentalist and evangelical leaders are so silent. No one really believes they would be quiet if the occupant of the White House were Bill Clinton! Where are all the pro-family spokesmen and spokeswomen? They applaud Bush when they should be appalled!

It is my opinion that many evangelical churches are an appendage to the Republican Party, and their pastors are aging and graceless cheerleaders for the GOP. They are strong on preaching and soft on principle. Too many  pastors are hypocrites who can’t even spell principle. Principal, yes, principle, no.  Bible churches used to be the moral compass of America but  instead of a force to be reckoned with, they have become a farce to be ridiculed.

As his pastor, I would tell Mr. Bush, “Either get right or get out.”

Copyright 2005 Don Boys, Ph.D.


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May 11, 2008 1:35pm [ 1 ]

We Methodists—W is a Methodist too—don’t kick people out. Open hearts, open minds, open doors, you know. Sigh—too bad

woody craft
Oct 1, 2008 3:12pm [ 2 ]

I never heard this before and would like to send this out. need more confirmation. I just depend on the Lord for who to vote for or not. I do not know the persons heart. Usually a nation gets a leader that is in accordance with rebellion against God or for Him according to the hearts of the people.

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