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Are Liberals Non-thinkers?

Published Sep 18, 2006

Left-wing liberals are bad news for any nation while conservatives are a bright spot in a dark, dismal, and decadent day. That spot is brighter when those conservatives are Christians. Now, I’m not suggesting that all liberals are socialists, communists and traitors; some are only stupid, while others are simply bigots. They often have a religious zeal for old idealistic schemes (that have been discredited for many years) which they hold on to with the zeal of a Muslim fanatic.
Liberals are perhaps best known for their inconsistency. They weep copious tears over clubbed seals in Newfoundland, but never shed a tear over butchered babies in murder mills. They march, yell and hold rallies for convicted killers on death rows while their victims lie silently in their graves—with no chance to protest a knife in the back or a bullet in the gut.
Liberals, who appear to be soft hearted when they are really soft headed, dig into the pockets of the productive to provide for the parasites. Jesus said that the poor would always be with us, but He did not say that workers should provide for the shirkers. Relegating the poor to generations of beggary (because of generous welfare) is not friendship but folly and foolishness.
Most of the accountability for the negative things that have happened to America can be placed at the feet of liberals, but they don’t want to take “credit” for illegitimate births, venereal disease, welfare, crime, public education, deficit spending, etc. And when conservatives place the blame where it belongs, liberals whine, whimper, and weep about our unfairness! (A liberal accusing a conservative of unfairness is like a skunk accusing a rabbit of having bad breath.)
I have been attacked for my responsible militancy, usually by preachers—preachers who wear silk underwear and have lace on the edge of their shirts. They sniff French perfume from silk handkerchiefs, strut like sissies and strike a pious pose as they speak of pluralism and broad-mindedness.
Such men are as useless to God and their country as a milking stool under a bull! Preachers are supposed to be leaders but most have difficulty leading in silent prayer. Most laymen want preachers to have a bone in their back, hair on their chest, and a brain in their head, but most liberal preachers (and some conservatives) are missing all three
I am told that I must be more broad-minded—so broad-minded that you can hear the wind whistling between my ears. I am broad-minded about things that aren’t important, but I am very narrow-minded about things that matter. Things like my family, my country, my faith in Christ and my stand on Bible truth.
I have asked my broad-minded critics to look at political and moral issues objectively, but I have found that objectivity, with liberals, is as scarce as white dinosaurs in Kentucky.
I have been accused of not liking liberals, and I want to set the record straight once and for all: I don’t. They have done more harm to America than the communists, and I’ll blame anything I can on them whether it is leprosy, dandruff, sun spots, arthritis, etc. Of course, I must love liberals since God does (Amazing Grace), but I don’t have to like what they do.

Of course, much of their discredited, dangerous, and disastrous thinking is a result of reading periodicals of the News Twisters and watching the talking heads on TV so it is not always the liberals’ fault. They are suffering from terminal brain rot. Pity.  Maybe we need state run homes for such pitiful folk?

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