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Are Americans Becoming Parasites?

Published Jan 14, 2007

This nation of gutsy pioneers has become a nation of grabbing parasites as evidenced by our welfare system and whenever there is a national or even local disaster. When people experience disaster and loss of their possessions, our hearts go out to them; however, taxes should not be used to ease their pain, recoup their losses and eliminate their discomfort. We are privileged to give as much of our personal funds as we desire but it is thievery for government to use tax dollars for altruistic purposes.

Following a devastating earthquake, hurricane, tornado, terrorist attack, or in our case in northern Georgia a history-making drought, politicians clamor for the podium to request, even demand federal funds. I am concerned with many farmers who will not harvest a bushel of corn this year, but it is not required of government at any level to subsidize farmers, fishermen, etc. Whatever happened to self-reliance? Also, why is it right to provide relief to thousands but not to a few? If a storeowner gets some bad breaks, has a fire, etc., then why does government not rush to his aid?

Pious, pompous politicians pick our pockets to finance disaster relief, but citizens in one state should not be plundered to finance disaster relief in another. However, just because I resent tax money  going for altruistic purposes doesn’t mean I object to volunteer disaster aid. The death, destruction, and deprivation should melt the hardest of hearts, but the feds have no constitutional authority to get involved and bail out the misfortunate.

As in the case of New Orleans, all roads, bridges, and government buildings should have been repaired by the appropriate entities—city, state, and federal; however, homes and private businesses should be the responsibility of the owners. But most people only believe in personal responsibility until they are personally affected. My misfortune does not make you my slave, nor give me access to your bank account. The reason for the loss is totally irrelevant even if it is spectacular such as the terrorist attack in 2001.

Americans have always opened their hearts and purses to help the less fortunate, but with government taking that responsibility—with extorted taxes—we can all honestly say, “I gave at the office.” We see no need to open our purses to help the needy since our pockets have been picked by the government for that purpose.

Citizens must understand that just because a government entity votes to make thievery legal does not make it legitimate. Such legislators should be thrown out into the street and forced to get a real job.

People who demand the “right” to reach into my pocket to alleviate their suffering would have amazed, astounded, and angered the framers of our Constitution. However, shameless politicians have discovered there are votes in taking from the haves and giving to the have-nots, and it makes them feel soooo good.

I don’t know the motives of individual politicians, but I do know that real statesmen are almost as scarce as white dinosaurs in Kentucky. Much of this clamor for disaster relief is orchestrated for political purposes, and such motives are distasteful, disgraceful, and disreputable.

Hurricanes in the South and earthquakes in the West seem to require, without real debate, that all citizens shell out money for relief. Of course, that is plunder, and while it may be legal, it is not just. Let politicians give all they want of their personal funds, but let them stop playing Santa Claus at home and abroad with our tax dollars.

I was a guest on CNN’s “Crossfire” dealing with the issue of homeless people, the subject of my column in USA Today the previous day. My opponent was Mitch Snyder who hanged himself in 1990 at age 46. On bitter, cold nights, Mitch would stand with homeless people on the grates of Washington, get his picture taken, and then picket the White House demanding that the government take care of the homeless. I told Mitch and the two co-hosts that if Mitch wanted to start a fund to help the homeless then he should get his Hollywood buddies (who made a movie about him) to raise a few million dollars to help the homeless but hardworking taxpayers should not be robbed to care for people, many of whom want to stay on the street! I was not politically correct that night.

We are told government should not only be just but philanthropic; however, that is not in the Constitution. Disaster aid is philanthropy at gunpoint. Our government confiscates money from us to fund thousands of illegal, immoral and insane causes. Federal disaster relief is unconstitutional, unnecessary and unreasonable, and I’m fed up with the plunder. Close this welfare window now or the next storm may blow socialist politicians out of office.

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