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Dr. Boys wrote columns for the national newspaper, USA TODAY from 1985 to 1993 usually titled, An Opposing View, called that because he always opposed the editorial views of the paper. The following columns have been chosen as examples of his writing on various subjects. It must be remembered that some of these were written more than 10 years ago. Dr. Boys has corrected a few minor errors made by the paper. All these columns are copyrighted by Dr. Boys. Permission to use them will usually be given upon contacting his office.

Stop Rewarding Bums Who Roam Our Streets.
"We have heard enough talk or rights. It's time to demand responsibilities. This nation of gutsy pioneers has turned into a nation of grabbing parasites. And everyone must realize they must take care of themselves. They must understand: welfare is spelled S L A V E R Y and this womb-to-the-tomb guarantee from government is illegal, immoral and illogical. And we taxpayers have had it."

Vigilantes Deserve Our Cheers, Not Jeers.
"The only reason government exists is to protect the innocent--and its corollary, to punish the guilty. But government is failing it its responsibility. Since government cannot defend us, we will defend ourselves. After all, self-defense is the strongest passion in the human breast..."

The Media's Spotlight Is A Liberal Witch Hunt
"Whether it's televangelists, Christains in politics, creationism, welfare or abortion, the media try to give a tone of sophisticated substance to empty drivel. It surprises me that people don't fall to the floor gasping and choking with laughter at their sick sophistication..."

Don't Spend Money; Stop Sinners Instead
"This immorality is no longer simply a theological and moral discussion. AIDS is a plague of disgrace and death--and must be stopped...."

AIDS Carriers Have No Right To Privacy
"Why is AIDS treated differently from syphilis and gonorrhea? Could it be because fornicators are not as well organized and financed as sodomites (who constitute about 73 percent of AIDS carriers)?..."

We Need Criminal Laws To Battle AIDS
"AIDS is our most-feared disease, and aggressive, articulate, and angry citizens are demanding action..."

Nation Must Have Tough Anti-AIDS Law
"The USA is obviously in trouble. When abnormal is considered normal, when wrong is considered right, when depravity is protected by law, when a disease and its carriers get preferential treatment and when Washington panders to pathetic perverts and IV drug users--then it won't be long until the buzzards pick clean the bones of a once-great nation..."

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