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The Media's Spotlight Is A Liberal Witch Hunt

By Dr. Don Boys
© 1988 Cornerstone Communications

The prissy princes of the press are at it again! With the hobnailed boots of blind bias, they gleefully trounce upon the battered remains of erring televangelists.

While there is a legitimate story here, the media moguls--who see only out of their left eyes--don't tell the whole story. And the legitimate story has been turned into a witch hunt.

The media love to boast of objectivity, but media objectivity is as scarce as white dinosaurs in Kentucky. They have a secular humanist agenda to promote, and any informed person who questions their message or motives is labeled an ultraconservative. Horrors!

Whether it's televangelists, Christains in politics, creationism, welfare or abortion, the media try to give a tone of sophisticated substance to empty drivel. It surprises me that people don't fall to the floor gasping and choking with laughter at their sick sophistication.

With both feet planted firmly in midair, the media have gone after televangelists with gusto. And as a conservative Christian, I resent the implication that all religious broadcasters are suspect.

It's time to cool the anti-clerical hysteria fomented by the media. How about a little fairness from those disciples of the double standard? They're quick to jump on evangelicals with zipper problems, but liberal preachers aren't exposed as fornicators, home wreckers or perverts. That makes many of the media liars and hypocrites of the first magnitude.

When the head of the National Council of Churches, the "Protestant pope," told us he had failed his family and the gospel and separated for a time from his wife, not a peep was heard from the media for many weeks. Equal treatment?

Martin Luther King, Jr. is said to have had girlfriends across the nation, and even now most media people refuse to expose him. Where are the fearless reporters who try to be fair and balanced?

Pat Robertson's problems go back before his conversion, yet they are dug out by intrepid reporters, while no one has managed to get Jesse Jackson to stop chanting his drivel long enough to find out whether he may have strayed.

Every person, whether the sanctimonious hypocrites of the left or the nuts of the right, should be put to the same test. But liberals get a free ride.

To hear most newscasters, you'd think televangelists spend their days stuffing their pockets with money and their nights with ladies of the evening. No mention is made of the millions of transformed lives through the gospel message, millions of hungry children fed, thousands of medical missionaries sent out, and thousands of students educated at Christian colleges--all with no tax dollars!

The witch hunt is on, led by the media darlings of the left. Their eyes are glassy as they repeat the sordid details of some religious broadcaster, while ignoring fornication, thievery and lying by liberals.

People on the left don't usually hunt witches, but they'll make an exception for the religious right.

Copyright 1988 Don Boys, Ph.D.

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