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Did God Create it All?
"Evolutionists want to start with a "warm little pond" someplace on Earth. No, I insist on hearing evolutionists say, "I don't know," and I want to hear it a few times before we stand on the bank of the mythical little pond to discuss man's origins."...

Evolution: Basis for Racism!
Edward Simon, a Jewish biology professor at Purdue University, wrote, "I don't claim that Darwin and his theory of evolution brought on the holocaust; but I cannot deny that the theory of evolution, and the atheism it engendered, led to the moral climate that made a holocaust possible."...

Why Won't USA TODAY and ABC News Honestly Deal with Evolution?
"Recently, ABC News commissioned me to write an article for their web site on the evolution controversy because of the Kansas school board decision..."

Why Are Evolutionists so Mean-Spirited? (Part 1)
"...most evolutionists are not interested in testing the gradualism of Darwin but rather in protecting their dubious hypothesis..."

Why Are Evolutionists so Mean-Spirited? (Part 2)
"Evolutionists hate creationists and anyone who believes that the Bible is the authoritative Word of God. They are as uncomfortable as a dog in hot ashes when we talk of personal accountability to a sovereign God. They are bigots and haters with a few exceptions..."

Why Are Evolutionists so Mean-Spirited? (Part 3)
"You don't think evolutionists are mean? Talk to professors in various universities who have "come out of the closet" opposing Darwin's gradualism and have been scorned, ridiculed, and even fired for exercising their academic freedom...."

Evolution Is A Farce, A Fraud, A Fake And A Faith!
"Do those who teach evolution know that scientists have characterized Darwinism as "speculation," "based on faith," similar to theories of "little green men," "dead," "effectively dead," "very flimsy," "incoherent," and a "myth." Hey, with friends like that, evolutionists don't need scientific creationists to hold their feet to the fire."

Life On Mars?
"We spent, we sent, we searched, we studied and then we spent some more, and while there is no evidence of "little green men," there is evidence of life on Mars! Then again, maybe not."

Evolution: Fact, Fraud or Faith?

A shattering book that asks, "Is the gradualism of Darwin supported by scientific evidence, and should it be the only theory of origins taught in public schools?
Table of Contents:
1. The Present Debate
2. Did God Create Everything?
3. Trying to Satisfy Unbelievers?
4. Is the Bible Reliable In Every Detail?
5. Is Evolution A Religion?
6. Did Darwin Fire A Blank?
7. Evolutionist Foundations Are Cracking
8. Design Proves Creation
9. No Missing Links
10. What Are Hopeful Monsters?
11. Was Noah's Flood Worldwide?
12. More Results from the Flood
13. Where is Noah's Ark?
14. Is The Geologic Column True?
15. Is Uniformitarianism Scientific or Biblical?
16. Does Life Come From Non-Life?
17. Darwin and Natural Selection
18. Scientific Frauds
19. How Old Are The World And The Universe?
20 What About Dinosaurs?
21. Why Are Evolutionists So Mean-Spirited?
Excerpt from Foreword by Duane Gish, Ph.D.: "If you appreciate a hard-hitting attack on the religion of evolution dressed up in scientific clothes, you will enjoy this book in which Dr. Boys documents the fact that the emperor has no clothes at all."
352 pages, $16.00

Evolution: Fact, Fraud or Faith? in Work-Text Format!
by Don Boys, Ph.D.
(Foreword by Duane Gish, Ph.D.)
Dr. Don Boys has re-written his very popular 353 page creation/evolution text for Christian school and home school students. Fully documented with over 500 end notes. Each chapter is biblically true and scientifically accurate with the most recent data.
There is a chapter for each week of the school year that includes the text, questions, fill in the blanks, required essay questions, Scripture memory. Answerguides, answerkeys, weekly quizzes, quiz keys and tests, everything that is needed is included.
$20.00 per copy

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