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Did God Create it All?

By Dr. Don Boys
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The origin of origins is a very interesting subject that evolutionists usually don't attempt to handle. Most of them, like Darwin, want to skip over such incidentals as the source of matter, space, time, planets, stars and operational laws such as laws of planetary motion, First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics, gravity, inertia, etc. You know, little things like that.

Evolutionists want to start with a "warm little pond" someplace on Earth. No, I insist on hearing evolutionists say, "I don't know," and I want to hear it a few times before we stand on the bank of the mythical little pond to discuss man's origins.

During my appearance on the "Pat Buchanan Show" I debated the director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State and a female scientist from California whom I had debated on a show in Detroit. During that show she reluctantly admitted that maybe God was the Originator of all things. Of course, if God was there at the beginning, He would be at the Ending-and that means Judgment. That is the reason most evolutionists refuse to "permit" God's involvement with origins.

We are here, and most people would like to know how the Universe and mankind got here, and there are only four possibilities.

The first possibility is that the Universe created itself; however, that is contrary to the First Law of Thermodynamics that says energy is not being created or destroyed. It is called the "Law of Conservation." Energy is being directed, used, etc. but not created or destroyed. It is a law all scientists accept. No argument there, so the Universe could not have created itself.

The second possibility of origins of the Universe is that it has always been here; however, that is impossible because of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. That law says everything is running down and dying. Like the First Law, it is a universal law admitted by all scientists. Everything around us is degenerating, decaying and dying. If you don't take care of your house, it will collapse from lack of care. Your car will become a chunk of junk. Everything gets old and becomes useless.

So the Universe could not have been here forever because it would have run down in observance to the Second Law. Evolutionists require the Universe to run up. They tell us man is getting more complex and working toward perfection yet the Bible teaches that man is going down-and has since Eden. No, the Universe has not always existed.

The third possibility is that the Universe, Earth and mankind do not exist! Yes, that is contrary to the Law of Common Sense, something that evolutionists don't understand. This argument came to us from the ancient Greeks who sat around in their baths without anything else to do so they came up with such cockamamie ideas. We can dismiss this third possibility as nonsense since by dismissing it, we disprove it!

The fourth possibility is that an intelligent God designed and created the Universe ex nihilo, out of nothing. And He did it in six twenty-four hour days as the Bible teaches and scientific evidence seems to support.

There are no other possibilities, so evolutionists are "stuck" with the fourth possibility. That is why they don't deal with origins unless forced to by "pushy" creationists. God always comes into the discussion.

Creationists can be confident in the presence of evolutionists because we are right. Too often creationists feel like a plow horse at the Kentucky Derby, but the fact is evolutionists are bags of wind-or hot air. Their thinking is confused, convoluted and contradictory.

In the beginning, God. That says it all.

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