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Nation Must Have Tough Anti-AIDS Law

By Dr. Don Boys
© 1988 Cornerstone Communications

The USA is obviously in trouble. When abnormal is considered normal, when wrong is considered right, when depravity is protected by law, when a disease and its carriers get preferential treatment and when Washington panders to pathetic perverts and IV drug users--then it won't be long until the buzzards pick clean the bones of a once-great nation.

Voters should demand that federal laws be enacted to require universal testing of everyone entering the hospital, all inmates entering and leaving prisons, anyone getting married, anyone going to a doctor for any reason, then on to the rest of the population.

You don't have to be too bright to realize that little can be done in a war until the enemy has been identified and located. It is criminal that at this late date we still don't have an authoritative statistical base of AIDS carriers. Testing should have been done years ago and it would have been if it were not for cowardly politicians.

The public supports mandatory testing, according to a Roper Poll, for marriage license applicants immigrants, hospital patients, military personnel, restaurant workers and foreign visitors.

Testing is not some new procedure pushed by uncaring right-wingers, but a proven way to find where we stand during an epidemic.

Syphilis never had civil rights, but AIDS does. Could it be because syphilis carriers were never organized as are AIDS carriers, specifically the monolithic homosexual lobby?

Contact tracing should be an integral part of any federal legislation to control AIDS, just as it was in the control of syphilis. But Surgeon General Everett Koop told Congress that contact tracing of sex partners would be "intrusive, impractical and ineffective." I wish Koop and other political physicians would be as sensitive to innocent, uninfected people--who are funding AIDS research--as they are to irresponsible AIDS carriers.

Quarantine must also be used when carriers attempt to infect others, whether in prisons, hospitals, prostitutes plying their trade or homosexual recruitment of young lovers. Quarantine was a long-approved health procedure until AIDS came along. Why was it abandoned? Of course, a quarantine would be intrusive, but would it also be impractical and ineffective? I think not.

Not requiring notification of an innocent spouse is insane, irresponsible and incredible. The loonies have taken over the asylum along the Potomac!

And anyone infected with the HIV virus should be recorded with health authorities, just as with syphilis, no matter how the infection occurred.

It is past time for public officials to earn their salaries and make some tough decisions about controlling what some say is the worst plague to lash the face of mankind. It's past time for testing, tracing and some forms of quarantine; and if inept, insensitive and incompetent politicians don't get the job done, let's send them back home where they'll have to work for a living!

Copyright 1988 Don Boys, Ph.D.

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