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We Need Criminal Laws To Battle AIDS

By Dr. Don Boys
© 1988 Cornerstone Communications

The Black Death in Europe during the 14th century killed one-quarter of the people, and it took hundreds of years to recoup the population loss. But the plague impacted every facet of society. Workers were difficult to find, wages went sky-high, then were frozen, and rents fell by half overnight.

The people had lost confidence in the church because the priests fled to escape the plague, then the dissidents -- fundamentalists -- swarmed across England, and a peasant revolt erupted in 1381.

Every major plague has dire consequences that will alter society forever. Yet state and federal legislators are only now beginning to act in the presence of the AIDS pandemic that could be far worse than the Black Death. They should have acted by 1982.

AIDS is our most-feared disease, and aggressive, articulate, and angry citizens are demanding action. It is criminal that we are not yet testing everyone to get a valid statistical base. Many figures used by "experts" are only guesses. Up to 4 million in the USA are infected and are infectious, and 90 percent don't know it! We hear screams from the boys in the back room of the ACLU and the gay rights spokesmen about civil rights. But to not gather accurate data as we face a devastating plague is a civil wrong.

It is time for all states to test all people who apply for marriage licenses. They should test everyone entering hospitals and clinics, all people arrested on drug and sex charges, and all prisoners. All doctors and hospitals must be required to report all carriers to the Board of Health, and contact tracing should be implemented at once. Any known carrier who continues sexual activity should be jailed.

Bleeding hearts accuse us conservatives of hating people, but we're the ones who care. Radicals have a program that seems more precious to them than people, and few believe they would be so insistent on confidentiality if 70 percent of AIDS carriers were drug users rather than homosexuals.

Food handlers should be tested for AIDS as they are for TB, and it should be illegal for hospitals to conceal the fact that a patient has AIDS. Any health-care worker with AIDS should be fired or placed in a non-threatening position.

Yes, a plague always impacts society. So look for hospital beds filled with AIDS patients, bankrupt insurance companies, daily and deadly gay-bashing, just as irrational people killed the Jews during the Black Plague, and a total collapse of the economy.

It's time for legislators to act and not be intimidated by the clenched fist of the homosexual lobby or influenced by the whining of pious liberals. Such necessary laws are not a threat to freedom. AIDS is the ultimate threat. Uninfected people have some rights. also.

Copyright 1988 Don Boys, Ph.D.

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