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Champions of the Double Standard

By Dr. Don Boys
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Well, the bigot squad is at it again! It seems they want to scalp a baseball player who has offended their tender sensibilities. The Atlanta Braves baseball team has a pitcher with a big mouth, a fast ball and a slow brain. John Rocker gave an interview to Sports Illustrated where he spouted off about various and sundry groups. Question: Didn't Rocker know the interview would be published and circulated around the nation? Didn’t he realize that he had put his foot in his mouth? Didn't he realize that he would have to work with some of his teammates whom he had offended? Maybe Rocker is not a bigot; just dumb as a box of rocks.

Rocker said that he didn't want to play for New York because he would have to take the Number 7 train to the ballpark with foreigners who don't speak English and sit next to "some kid with purple hair next to some queer with AIDS right next to some dude who just got out of jail for the fourth time right next to some 20-year-old mom with four kids. It's depressing."

Well, everyone came down on him, hard. He even heard from a hairdresser who specializes in purple hair! One of the prissy preachers, representing Concerned Black Clergy said, "We will not tolerate the intolerance of this ignorant redneck" But that group does tolerate the intolerance of Jesse Jackson and other black opportunists!

Baseball Commissioner Selig said Rocker’s remarks were "reprehensible and completely inexcusable," while about 20 advocacy groups protested outside Turner Field demanding that Rocker be fired. Then USA Today waded in saying that his punishment should be "swift and sure."

I could go on and on quoting the hypocrites but you get the drift of what's happening. Now Rocker may be is a racist since he called one of his black teammates a “fat monkey.” That teammate could simply consider the source or slap Rocker’s jaws a bit, but no, Rocker’s offense requires, even demands, more than that from the Champions of the Double Standard people.

Rocker has been forced into counseling by two league-approved shrinks because of his statement. After counseling, it is sensitive training. After all we can’t have such a politically incorrect representative in baseball can we, so off to the re-education camp with him. I believe that has been standing policy in Communist countries, has it not?

Commissar Selig, who will make the final decision said, “â¤|the best interests of baseball is the only thing that will influence my decision.” All players agree to “conform to high standards of personal conduct, fair play and good sportsmanship.” Say what? Professional ball players can sell and use drugs, rape women, choke a coach, booze, fornicate, gamble, etc., without going to jail or being confined to a re-education camp for psychological testing. Why the selective indignation? What about others who were not only stupid but criminal, yet received only a slap on the wrists? Is that in the best interests of baseball? Hypocrites!

Of course, Rocker will come forth saying that he now understands himself better and is now more sensitive to others and he will grovel before the media, homosexual groups, black groups and women’s groups. He will be reinstated on the team and life will move on.

While I do not endorse his statement, I will say that I think it contained some gems of truth! I am concerned about illegal aliens in our country. “How did they get here,” as Rocker asked? And those who are legally here should learn our language or go “home.” If they won’t be assimilated into our culture, then they are not welcome. If that makes me a bigot, so be it. After all, it isn't a crime to be a bigot, is it? Well, not just yet!

It is astounding that any sane person would defend illegal aliens who are flooding this nation. They have one right when they are caught: to be sent back to their origins. We speak of “rights” but a nation also has rights and one is the right (and duty) to control its own borders. We are not doing that, and we are fools.

I also think that perversion is abnormal, abhorrent, and abominable. Each state should reinstate sodomy laws and enforce them. Pedophiles, whether heterosexual or homosexual should get the death penalty. After all, we executed rapists fifty years ago in this nation. That is not hate but love and concern for innocent, helpless victims. You see, the perpetrators of heinous crimes are the haters. I'm a lover.

Rocker also belittled a “20-year-old mom with 4 kids,” and I agree that if a woman has more than one kid out of wedlock she is a tramp. I don’t want to associate with her either on a train or anywhere else except I would be glad to deal with her if she would repent of her sins. Oops, there’s a non-acceptable word. Maybe I need psychological counseling! Let me assure you that I will never retract, apologize, back off, back down, backtrack, reverse myself, express remorse, express regret, crawl, recant, etc., nor go to a re-education camp for political incorrectness.

It is interesting that Al Gore’s campaign manager, Donna Brazile played the race card when she accused Republicans of using J.C. Watts and Colin Powell to improve their image with minorities. She said that Republicans would “rather take pictures with black children than feed them.” Did anyone demand she be fired? Where are the sanctimonious hypocrites now? Where is the Concerned Black Clergy when you need them?

Could it be that Donna is getting a free ride because she is black or female or Democrat? Or is it because she is a black female Democrat? Whatever, Gore said, “She’s doing a great job, and she will continue doing a great job.” She will not be fired. Gore did not even require her to apologize for her racism!

While Republicans were quick to defend themselves, not one was willing to say that it was not government’s job to feed the children! That is the responsibility of parents. But the “me-too” party agrees with liberal Democrats that people have a right to expect the government to feed them, educate them, provide health care, etc. Republicans just want it to be done in smaller amounts.

Isn’t it galling to see the Champions of the Double Standard get all worked up over some things and miss more obvious things? Why is Brazile still working for Gore? Why didn’t these Champions of the Double Standard get in an uproar about Ted Turner (owner of the Braves) when he ridiculed all Christians as “losers”? The Los Angeles Times can ridicule fundamentalists and no one gets indignant except fundamentalists!

Maybe Christians don’t get indignant enough. Maybe we should emulate some of the actions of the blacks, feminists, perverts and others. After all, we have the freedom to march, vote, give, write etc. So I will suffer for Christ when necessary, but I will not smile and pretend it is raining while people spit in my face. And I will hold the Champions of the Double Standard accountable for their inconsistencies. What we don’t have a right to do is be unchristian, no matter how unfairly, unreasonably or unlawfully we are treated.

Copyright, 2000, Don Boys, Ph.D

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