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Religious Right: Awake, Aware And Angry

By Dr. Don Boys
© 1997 Cornerstone Communications

Liberals are the biggest hypocrites in the world! They are people without character, clarity or consistency, but man do they have brass! After pitching their secular religion for a generation, they now are whining about the Religious Right. They sit in sack cloth throwing ashes in the air, weeping copious tears about the assault on the First Amendment. They slobber about "moral McCarthyism" and are very concerned about Christians who "impose their views" on everyone.

Let me see if I understand: Liberals accuse us Christians of forcing our views on others! That's like a skunk accusing a rabbit of having bad breath! It seems to me (and any honest person) that we have been flogged on our backside since the early 60s. God was expelled from public schools; more than 1 and a half million unborn babies are killed annually (now funded by us!); nativity scenes have been outlawed in public places (but nudity in "gay" parades is acceptable!); scientific creationism has been removed from the public (taxpayer owned) schools leaving that area to the cockamamie theory of molecules to monkeys to man theory; the Ten Commandments were declared illegal in public schools (after all, some kids might be convinced not to kill and fornicate); scores of Christian schools have been attacked, not for doing an inferior job but for not getting the official stamp of approval through accreditation and certification; and dedicated home school parents have been hampered, harried and harassed for doing a better job teaching their children than public school teachers. I could go on and on but you get the point.

No we are not the floggers but the floggees. The Cossacks, in and out of government, have ridden rough shod over us as they mouth pious shibboleths about the First Amendment. As they march in their jackboots into our homes, schools and churches enforcing "public policy," regulatory nonsense, political correctness, and unconstitutional "laws," they speak of tolerance! In the name of tolerance, they prove themselves to be the most intolerant people in America.

While they speak reverently of the "wall of separation" between church and state, they scale that alleged "wall" to badger, bully and brutalize Christians. They are constitutional morons who don't know that the First Amendment was put in place to protect Christians from the government – not to protect government!

Our forefathers knew the danger of government power. They had seen it in England with a state church, and they demanded protection via the First Amendment. Government was prohibited from establishing a national church, and from that, moronic judges have taken from us school prayer, nativity scenes, the Ten Commandments from public schools, etc. Radical judges have turned the First Amendment on its head, and instead of it protecting Christians, the First Amendment is being used as a club against us!

All we wanted was to be left alone to do our own thing: live peacefully with all men – if possible; rear our children in our faith, and teach Bible truths including aggressive evangelism. But the Cossacks haven't permitted that. They declared war on us and have been kicking us around for more than thirty years, but we Christians, never being pacifists, are now kicking back. We've had enough, and we aren't going to take it any longer.

We are fighting back. We are marching in the Army of the Lord. We are training recruits and preparing for battle. No, I'm not referring to stockpiling weapons and shooting from the church steeples, and anyone with an IQ equivalent to his hat size knows that. We are pulling our children from the public schools (Ignorance Factories), supporting our leaders with funds, financing political candidates sympathetic to our cause, building strong schools, homes, and churches, sending our children into politics (gasp), the media and academia, buying television and radio stations and establishing newspapers and newsletters and taking the battle to the enemy via talk shows, news columns and other public forums.

We are weary of the termites that have been gnawing away slowly at the foundational timbers of our constitutional republic (now a mobocracy). We have decided that there will be no more tolerance for termites: no more respect for rascals, no more patience with perversion, no more payments to parasites, and no more codling of criminals (inside or outside the beltway).

We are willing to study, serve and sacrifice in this cultural and religious war declared not by us but by radical leftists. Liberals (known by thinking people as Cossacks, charlatans, socialists, whiners, non-thinkers, statists, ad infinitum) had better not underestimate our dedication to this cause. And our enemy had better believe that we are in this battle to win. We are awake, aware and angry. We have been kicked one time too many.

Copyright 1997, Don Boys

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