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By Dr. Don Boys
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Yes, it is a fact: Once men start losing their health, they will do almost anything to keep it but they won't do much to keep it when they have it!

In the last two years, I have seen four or five dear friends die before they turned 65 years of age. Folks, in our day, that is young. Well, all right, maybe it isn't young, but it isn't old!

Why do Christians die in the same percentages as lost people? “Well, it is because they are human,” replies almost everyone. Yes, but Christians are people who are different in their lifestyles. Christians should be more disciplined than other people. Could it be that Christians are dying at the same rate as lost people because we have adopted their kind of living?

I want to provide some suggestions for long life and quality living:

*Get some exercise every day.

*Drink eight glasses of distilled water each day.

*Eat less food than normal.

*Eat food without additives, preservatives, coloring, etc.

*Eat as much raw fruits and vegetables as possible.

*Don't eat fried foods.

*Don't eat margarine.

*Don't eat any pork and cut down on beef.

*Use honey or maple syrup instead of sugar.

*Get outside each day in the fresh air.

*Take natural vitamins daily especially C and E.

*Grow your own garden.

*Don't live with fear, guilt, hatred, envy, grudges and resentment.

*Get enough sleep every night and the right amount will vary with people.

*Keep your mind active in reading the Bible and other good literature.

*Don't drink coffee, tea, colas or alcohol.

*Don't smoke and chew tobacco.

*Honor your parents.

*Spend your life in the service of others.

*Don't jump out of airplanes

Only Christ was born to die. We are born to live, and while we should not have our roots deep in this world, it is normal and Christian to want to live a long and fruitful life. The longer Christians live, the greater impact we can have on society. We will be better teachers and preachers, and have an ever-growing influence on our family and others.

Don't wait until you hear the word, “cancer” or “diabetes” or “heart trouble” before you get serious about your health. It is sinful to mistreat your body. It is time to do something about it NOW!

© 2000 Cornerstone Communications

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