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ISLAM: America's Trojan Horse!"

By Dr. Don Boys
© 2003 Cornerstone Communications

This generous 16 page sample represents a small selection of information available in “ISLAM: America’s Trojan Horse!” by Don Boys, Ph.D.

Table of contents:

Foreword (Watch out for Snakes)
Introduction (Stepping on Your Face)
The Massacre (Suicidal Slaves to Islam)
The Myth I (Facts are Stubborn)
The Myth II (Mythmakers are Mythtaken!)
The Monsters (Scheming While we Sleep!)
The Movement I (Loot, Land, and Ladies)
The Movement II (From Rhetoric to Reality)
The Mavericks (Black Muslims in America)
The Mistakes (Mistakes, Mishmash, and Madness)
The Motives I (Holy Hatred of Christians)
The Motives II (Crusades: Preached by Popes and Punished by God)
The Menace I (Diseased, Damaged and Dead!)
The Menace II (Destruction, Disease and Death)
The Menace III (Reaction to Plagues)
The Message I (A Watchdog that Will Bark and Bite!)
The Message II (America: First, Last, and Always!)
Epilogue (What Kind of America do You Want?)

Please note that endnotes have not been provided in this abridged edition.

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