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By Dr. Don Boys
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As we begin this new year, I have been thinking of our homes, and I want to suggest some improvements. And I believe every home could be improved. Even yours!

All of us can make Christ more prominent in our lives, and in doing that it will improve every facet of our homes. In all Christians Christ is present; in few lives He is prominent.

A husband should resolve to treat his wife like a queen. He should adore, cherish and admire her. He should take time to tell her how special she is, how he would marry her again if it were possible. He should look for ways to compliment her as a wife, mother and worker. He should tell here he loves her at least four times a day. She can't hear it too often.

A husband should give his wife a hug many times each day with no ulterior motives. He should hold her hand when they walk or during a car trip. He should take her out to eat even if it is to a fast food joint. She is more interested in him than in the food.

Maybe now and then he should buy her a dress and/or a pair of shoes. After all, he managed to find the money to buy guns, ammo, boats, motors, fishing gear, golf clubs, etc.

He must never "play games" with her mind with the slightest suggestion that she will someday be "traded for a younger model." That must never even be considered jokingly. It might be good to remind her that she is "stuck" with him for a lifetime.

A wife, with any smarts, will keep a home that he will look forward to returning to each day. She will feed him like a king, keep a clean house and make him feel like the world revolves around him and him alone.

She would rather be with him than anyone else on earth. She loves her children, but she is not one with the children. She is one with her husband. Her children need mom and dad for a few years, but he needs her all his life.

She must meet his basic needs showing her approval, appreciation and amorous desires. She must not have many "headaches," and if she is "too tired" then she must totally rearrange her life putting first things first. After all, isn't that one of her duties that should also be a pleasure?

Parents must take charge of the home even if it means taking it away from the kids! It is astounding that kids run many Christian homes! How in the world did we get so far away from Bible practices?

Children must know that dad is in control and mom supports him totally. Any disagreement should take place away from the kids.

Children should be called in for a family conference and told, "Kids, we haven't been running our home God's way, and things have changed as of today. As your father, I take full responsibility and your mother concurs with me. I have failed in not being the husband and father I should have been. I have repented of that sin and have resolved to do right from now on. From now on, you will know exactly what is expected of you as to the rules and to your chores. They will be followed explicitly.

If you are told to be home by 10:00, it won't be 10:05 unless it was beyond your control. If you are told to do something, it must be done immediately and with a good attitude. You will not be told to something twice. There will be no "time out" or counting to three.

Back talk, surly attitudes, disgusted looks and whining will not be permitted; however we can always discuss anything. But we will vote on nothing.

We will have family devotions, and all will participate in the prayer and Bible reading. At church we will sit together as a family unless permission is granted by me or your mother. And then, you will not sit behind where we sit. And we sit near the front of the church.

A revolution has taken place and I am back on the throne. Any questions?

© 2000 Cornerstone Communications

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