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Are Hate Crime Laws in Our Future?

By Dr. Don Boys
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All Christians are concerned about crime and want it punished and if possible, see the perpetrator saved and rehabilitated. But we are witnessing something I never expected to see: punishment of thought! Who would have thought it in America!

Hate is almost always a sin, and no Christian should be guilty of such a sin; however, we must never permit the government, courts, media, etc., to define “hate.” I have been called a hater many times by homosexuals (because I teach that their lifestyle is a sin) and by anti-death penalty people (who think it is all right to butcher babies in the womb but not execute killers in the chair) and by reverse discriminators who think minorities deserve special treatment (while I believe all people should be treated like people “made in the image of God”.)

We are seeing crimes punished more severely if they are determined to be “hate” crimes; however, aren’t all crimes hate crimes? If they are not, what are they? Surely not “love” crimes. So people are being punished more severely because of what they thought and said! Speaking of the slippery slope!

Most Christians want crime to be punished to the extent of the law, taking into account any extenuating circumstances. For instance, the man who beats up a man for handling his wife in a crowded elevator should be punished, but not go to jail. Maybe a fine or probation.

A granddad who beats a pervert for trying to seduce his grandson in a restroom should be reminded that the law should take care of the offending pervert, but granddad should not go to jail. There are circumstances that require leniency.

Yes, punish the criminal but don’t try to punish his thoughts, after all who can really know what is in a person’s mind? Sure, if he yells epithets at his victim he reveals something of his mind, but what of those who have hatred in their hearts but never reveal it? No, let’s punish the person for his or her crime, not for thoughts and motives.

Canada is a nation that has traveled this road where it is illegal to criticize homosexuals (and others) in public. When I cross the border, I could be arrested or at least refused entrance because of some of my books and tapes dealing with homosexuals and others.

Did you know that it is illegal in Germany, Austria, and Lithuania to deny the holocaust? People have gone to jail because of that “crime.” Did you know that you only have to suggest that six million Jews were not killed by Hitler, and you can go to jail? If you quote Jewish experts who agree that the six million figure was inflated, you can go to jail! Some men are in jail today for that “crime.” In fact, two well-known historians are in prison in Germany at this moment for that “crime.” That is where we are headed in this country.

It is incredible that Christians, no just sane people, in Canada and Germany would permit thought crimes to become reality. Many of them don’t even know it is going on. “But Hitler was a monster.” Of course he was, but if the six million figure is inaccurate, do you want to perpetuate that error? Would Hitler be any less a monster if he killed “only” three million Jews?

It would also be interesting to know why almost all the people who rightly call Hitler a monster don’t feel the same way about Marx, Lenin and Stalin! Wonder why? Stalin killed far more people than Hitler, and he killed his own people!

Regarding motives, it didn’t help the victims to know that Hitler was filled with venom or that Stalin wanted to kill a few million only as a political decision. They were all very much dead.

Teaching Bible truths is not hate, and I will .never permit anyone to tell me what to preach. There are not enough federal agents with all their guns, badges, etc., to influence my preaching. Period!

The next time I’m in Canada, I’ll say what I want to say about sodomites, baby killers, etc. If this issue of CST should find its way to German authorities, I could be arrested on our next trip there. (And we do have subscribers in Germany.)

Let me make it very clear: I don’t hate anyone. In fact, I’m a lover. I try to get along with everyone. While I don’t like liberals, I do love them. After all Christ died for them also. And a few of them may be in heaven!

The US authorities may be liberals and globalists, but they aren’t idiots. Well, all of them aren’t. They know there are millions of us who will not accept “hate” crime legislation (nor accept their definition of hate) but they will get our children and grandchildren! They are working on it today!

Your children are being brainwashed through public education, music, television and movies. They are being taught that they should never criticize anyone or anything. They should never make a judgment that any value is better than another. Voodoo worship in Haiti is just as acceptable as the worship of a holy, loving, sovereign God! They must not “demean” others by suggesting that their lifestyle is less honorable than others.

Unless God sends a sweeping revival and parents take control of their children’s total education, the next generation is gone. Even now, they nod their heads and say, “Well, after all, the Bible does say, “‘Judge not.’ “

I have seen this many times in Bible-preaching churches where younger people, always under 40, shake their heads in disagreement about very clear Bible matters. It is common when I deal with perversion, abortion or a similar subject. The culture has kidnapped our children while we slept or watched television.

Federal hate crime laws are in the works and will be on the books if Clinton and leftist Republicans have their way. What will you do?

Copyright, 2000, Don Boys, Ph.D

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